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ownCloud promo banners

We have ownCloud banners available for your blog or website! These are the sizes available:

Example code:

<a href="https://owncloud.org/features"><img src="https://owncloud.org/wp-content/themes/owncloudorgnew/assets/img/features/ownCloud-release-460x70.png" srcset="https://owncloud.org/wp-content/themes/owncloudorgnew/assets/img/features/ownCloud-release-460x70.png 1x, https://owncloud.org/wp-content/themes/owncloudorgnew/assets/img/features/ownCloud-release-460x70@2x.png 2x" alt="ownCloud release" width="460" height="70" /></a>

Will look like this:

ownCloud release 460x70