succession of ownCloud devices

ownCloud and WDLabs collaboration: the ownCloud PiDriveProject

Bring your data home

The goal of the ownCloud Pi Project is to create a device that makes it easier for people to self-host their data. As we announced in December 2015, we're working with WDLabs on this.

Our goals are to make a device that is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Open
  • Safe

on which people can host their data at home. Western Digital offers the amazing PiDrive kit which we used to prototype the project. This brings a 1TB hard drive in an enclosure together with a miniature computer board powered by an included Micro USB charger (>2A).


Technology is still in flux but we've largely settled on these choices

  • Raspberry Pi 2 for initial batch; looking at the oDroid C2 for after that
  • 314GB, 1TB or 2TB USB3 hard drive from WD (still looking at options there)
  • Special case for the ownCloud Pi project (wh00t!)
  • Snappy Ubuntu Core as OS
  • Apache, MySQL, latest ownCloud

We've covered progress in our blogs:

You can get involved here! Test images of the Snap for Raspberry Pi devices can be found here.


Snappy Ubuntu Core