Welcome the new ownCloud.org

The new ownCloud.org homepage is online: Long anticipated and now in the spotlight. The new ownCloud.org homepage is released today.

Dear ownClouders, today we are happy and proud to present you the new ownCloud.org homepage.

What’s new?

We have done some polishing, got rid of crazy code on the backend and did an overall overhaul. We went from some hybrid approach to an regular setup and made the UX for the new ownCloud.org more appealing.


The old ownCloud.org seemed a little out of date and we want to provide you the best experience on our pages.

How to contribute:

If you have your own Blog and want to be syndicated or you want to write directly on the new ownCloud.org page: Please drop us a line at community at owncloud.org and we will provide you with an authors account.


The new ownCloud.org is not yet fully done. If you find anything that bothers you and you would like to see that fixed, please don’t hesitate and open an issue at https://github.com/owncloud/owncloud.org/issues , preferably with the “relaunch” label.

We truly hope you enjoy the new user experience and find your way around quickly. Let us know where you would like to see improvements! As the holiday season is just a few days away: make sure your ownCloud installations are up to date!



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