Use OnlyOffice to Edit a Document Together – Directly From a Public Link!

OnlyOffice is a useful ownCloud extension to edit documents online. It’s easy to let others contribute to one of your documents – they don’t even need an ownCloud account.

In ownCloud, you can share files to collaborate. Next to other useful extensions, OnlyOffice is a very convenient tool when it comes to editing documents. It is basically Word/LibreOffice in a browser tab.

Others can contribute to your documents to, even at the same time. They don’t even need an ownCloud account, you just have to give them a public link to share a document with them.


Step 0: Let the Admin Install OnlyOffice

Disclaimer: Editing documents in ownCloud only works with the OnlyOffice integration for ownCloud – your admin can install it. It’s free software – they can set it up easily, e.g. via docker or with the appliance. To integrate it with ownCloud, they need to install the OnlyOffice integration app.


ownCloud OnlyOffice public link editing install

Step 0: After installing OnlyOffice itself, admins can integrate it via the ownCloud Marketplace.


Step 1: Upload a Document

First, upload a document to ownCloud, or create a new one in the ownCloud web interface. Make sure you can open it in the browser.


ownCloud OnlyOffice public link editing upload

Step 1: upload a document to ownCloud.


Step 2: Share the Folder With the Document

Now you can share it with others: just create a public link to the folder where the document is saved. Then give the sharing link to a others. They don’t need an ownCloud account.


ownCloud OnlyOffice Public link editing share

Step 2: share the folder with the document with others.


Step 3: Collaborate!

If you shared a folder with a document, others can open it in the browser and directly edit the document. Many people can edit the document at the same time, in their own browser.


ownCloud OnlyOffice public link editing collaboration

Step 3: collaborate on the document, in real-time and together.


Today, collaboration is easy and efficient. Try it out!


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Update: There is one use case that is not so simple yet: when you use the “add to your ownCloud” feature with the public link, collaborative editing does not work. For more details, see the known issues in OnlyOffice.

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