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ownCloud Admin Training in Nürnberg December 1-2!
November 20, 2015

ownCloud, Inc. organizes an ownCloud Training at the ownCloud office in Nürnberg to help you ensure a successful ownCloud implementation with ownCloud Server! The two-day training, in German, takes place from December 1 to 2.

The training provides you with professional support for installation and administration of ownCloud 8. With hands-on examples, you will not only be introduced to the configuration of standard functionality, but also to individual customizations such as the usage of external storage or access and size limitations as part of the user and group administration.The synchronization with mobile devices is also included in the program. The training and installation will be performed on a Linux server.

If you have already implemented ownCloud, the training will offer details on unique tips and tricks. Our trainers work directly with the ownCloud code, so that you benefit from first-hand information.

For further information including an agenda of the training in German language in Germany please click here . To register, fill in this form or email training@owncloud.com.

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First ownCloud 8.2 Update Out, Enterprise Subscriptions Available
November 18, 2015

ownCloud82RoundToday the first update to our ownCloud Server 8.2 release delivers a more mature and polished ownCloud experience. Almost 100 enhancements and fixes in the areas of sharing, performance, storage, user interface, translation and documentation can be found in the packages on our download page. In support of ownCloud deployments, ownCloud, Inc. makes Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions available today.

Features and Improvements

By publishing these updates less than a month after availability of ownCloud Server 8.2 on October the 20th we continue our streak of planned releases. Below is a small overview of the many changes. Find more details in our changelog.


In the sharing area, ownCloud now shows the full path when reporting an error about sharing with the owner of a file or folder. Error messages got some other improvements and the issue of sharing passwords being broken after a changing an expiration date has been fixed. In the Strange Problem area, public links with a certain number of files would not correctly show all items. Depending on the browser and the system it would show 20 files but not 30, yet 38 would be fine and so on in an unpredictable manner. This has now been resolved.

brand new sidebar
New sidebar in 8.2


In storage land, Dropbox and Google Drive change detection was improved to now always show the correct sizes and the number of files. The Swift object store now correctly deals with moved files and the reporting of transactional file locking errors was improved. The locking itself was also made a LOT faster by sharing locks used in a single process and not locking on only reading cache metadata and various other code optimizations. This should deal with most, if not all performance regressions due to more fine grained locking introduced in ownCloud 8.2. You now get your files both safely and quickly!

User Interface

There has been a wide variety of user interface improvements, as well, from updated fonts, colors and fixes, to small inconsistencies between various screens like the updater, installation, configuration and more. Notifications now go away after a timeout, the spinner position on the share tab and icons on public folders have been corrected and the user menu will now close when you click another menu. Admins will also appreciate that the update process now shows what steps it will execute and warns them if the update might take a long time. We also expose the new syslog tag in the configuration. This feature is useful for installations with multiple ownCloud instances, differentiating them in the system log.


In addition to the changes in these major areas of ownCloud functionality and look, there are a wide variety of improvements to user management and LDAP, as well as to documentation, translation, security and browser support.


We strongly recommend an upgrade to this release as soon as possible! Find instructions on updating ownCloud here.

If you are still on ownCloud 8.1, or an older release, see our blog about upgrading to ownCloud Server 8.2 for tips and release notes. We have ownCloud Proxy enabled virtual machine images on our installation page which makes deploying your ownCloud easier than ever!

And if you get into any kind of trouble with ownCloud, find help resources on our support page.


Enterprise Subscriptions

Users of ownCloud in commercial environments will be glad to hear that ownCloud, Inc. continues to offer Standard Subscription and Enterprise Subscription options for ownCloud Server 8.2. Building on the many improvements delivered with the new release, ownCloud, Inc. couples additional integration capabilities in enterprise infrastructure with the confidence that comes with first-class access to ownCloud support and development resources. Visit owncloud.com to find pricing and other resources available to ensure the smooth functioning of your mission-critical deployment.

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Efstathios Iosifidis
ownCloud presentation at IEEE University of Piraeus Student Branch, Nov 9th
November 14, 2015

Since I was around for FOSSCOMM, my friends from IEEE University of Piraeus Student Branch and IEEE Student Branch TEI of Piraeus , asked me to present ownCloud at their University on Nov 9th.

They did a pretty good job promoting the event, not only on social media but at their university as well.
Here is their facebook event page.

The presentation had sections:

1. What is the best cloud solution and why?
2. How to use ownCloud.
3. How to install ownCloud on Banana Pi.
4. Hands on how to use ownCloud.

Everything went smoothly except the Banana Pi installation due to network glitch.
So we started using onwCloud on demo instance.
After the presentation we had couple of storage questions such as network shares, google drive etc.

Here is the presentation file I used.

Here are some pictures from the event.


After the presentation we went out for a drink since the weather was sunny.

For more pictures, check the Flickr album

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Efstathios Iosifidis
ownCloud presentation at FOSSCOMM 2015, Athens Nov 6-8
November 12, 2015

FOSSCOMM 2015 took place on Nov 6-8, at the Technical Educational Institute of Athens.

Unfortunately, the ownCloud community didn't participate with a booth. Personally I helped at openSUSE booth.
I brought with me promo materials and gave to many linux teams that asked me, ELLAK and put some stickers and brochures at every booth. Organizers asked me to put some in the promo bags.

I requested a presentation (lightning talk). The presentation was anouncements from the conference. I mentioned User Data Manifesto 2.0, our bug bounty program and finally ownCloud Proxy.

You can find the presentation file here.

Although it was too short, I was asked at openSUSE's booth about encryption and many other interesting questions about ownCloud instance.

Next stop was University of Pireaus.


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