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ownCloud Server 10.0.4 available
December 8, 2017

Sharing optionsVersion 10.0.4 is refining ownCloud in many small aspects, making it more configurable and adaptable to any use case.

For users, the most visible change is a rework of the public link sharing options, making them more intuitive and easier to understand. Users can specify exactly what they want to allow when they share their files.

We also refined user name options; as users can choose their display name in self-service and display names are not unique, it is possible that a user can’t distinguish with whom he wants to share a file. To cover this case the admin can now additionally display the E-Mail addresses or user IDs to their names. Also usernames must now be at least 3 characters long, to prevent issues with very short usernames.

Another feature that was introduced is “occ files:scan —repair”, which is supposed to repair inconsistencies in the database. The upgrade process will prompt the admin to run it, if they need it.

Apart from that, a short overview of the rest of the changes:

  • More granular sharing restriction options (“Restrict users to only share within their groups”)
  • CORS support for public API routes (security enhancement)
  • Fixes for external storage configuration (e.g. Dropbox v2 external storage extension)
  • Added occ command to change/recreate a master-key for storage encryption
  • Added mode of operations to differentiate between single-instance or clustered setup
  • Amazon S3 library upgraded to use V4 signature for all external S3 storage connections
  • all 10.0.3 known issues are fixed

ownCloud is making a lot of progress. With 10.0.3 we released 9.1.7 and 9.0.11, but end of life is approaching. 9.0.11 is the last version of the ownCloud 9.0 family despite being already end of life since October, and 9.1 is going to reach end of life too in February 2018.

So upgrade now, to adapt your ownCloud to the future!


It is highly recommended to read the release notes carefully before updating:

Release Notes: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/release_notes.html#changes-in-10-0-4

Changelog: https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest10.0

Download: https://owncloud.org/install/#edition

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SensorLogger – App of the Week
December 7, 2017

Collecting data is the driving factor of the digital air we all all breathe. Taking photos, writing down your thoughts… and of course also audio recordings acquired by surveillance count to that stream of data.

But just as important as collecting data is ordering data, distilling information out of them by displaying data in a way where humans can make sense out of it. Unfortunately, there are not many civil applications for this, so normal people can‘t yet use digitalization easily to make sense out of the world.

It is the task of nerds to change this, to give this ability to the public. Alexander Stocker is one of those, working for easier methods of aggregating data. He wrote the SensorLogger app on the ownCloud marketplace, which is in alpha stage at this point, but can already be used for some cases: for example, he made a guide about how to collect climate data with his app and a Raspberry Pi. We asked him, how to write such an app, and how to contribute to the quest for more open data.

Hey Alex. Thanks for having us. About your SensorLogger app, what kind of data are your own sensors logging?

Well, I was looking for an easy solution to log climate data, in my particular case temperature and humidity, to which I should have remote access but without the need of a 3rd party hosting solution. I ended up with the conclusion that there isn’t any self-hosted solution available. That’s the reason and my motivation to start this project.

At this stage I knew ownCloud and had done some setups for private and professional use already. So, obvious to choose ownCloud to get started.

How much effort was it to come to alpha stage, and what needs to be done next?

As the ownCloud environment and the development tutorial makes it quite easy to build a skeleton app which shows basics well, it does not take long to get an application up and running. I hardly can remember how many hours it took to get alpha ready, but I guess less than a week.

Deploying an alpha release is one thing, building a full featured application is another. One of the features I would like to get finished as soon as possible is to “Share Devices”. Which means that others can have access to the logged data from a specific device. But features like delete and update “Device Groups”,”Data Types” and “Device Types” should be done some day too. So many things to do, and so little time!

What kind of sensors would you recommend if others want to use your app, too?

In general it is not a matter of which sensor to use. It’s more about how to get data sent to SensorLogger.

For instance: If one wants to log environmental data like humidity and temperature a DHT22/AM2302 or DHT11 sensor and a raspberry is a good choice. If one wants to log at which speed a cpu fan is running or the core temperature of a cpu or hard disk a simple php, python or what ever script will do the job.

I can offer my own code as an example of how to do it:

– Python: https://github.com/alexstocker/sensordata/blob/master/sensordata.py

– PHP: https://github.com/alexstocker/sensorlogger/tree/master/tests/curl

– C++ (Arduino): https://github.com/alexstocker/sensordata/blob/master/sensordata.ino

Did you learn something from the data which caused you to change parts of your life?

I would not say that collecting temperature and humidity data changed parts of my life. But if you would ask me if collected, aggregated, linked and visualized data in general could change parts of my life I would agree.

And to be honest, aggregated and linked data is changing all our lives already.

Needless to mention what Facebook, Google and intelligence services are doing.

Do you think measuring everything in our environment is empowering humans or reducing them to a factor in a calculation?

That’s a good, because philosophical question. Of my point of view, there is no simple answer. Lots of people of different disciplines and professions worry about consequences and opportunities of logging and aggregating data.

The future will tell if collecting data will empower mankind. Either we learn to use data responsively or we all will go down the history of evolution as an epic fail, as almost any civilization prior us.

Thank you Alex for your time answering our questions! I‘m looking forward to coming features of SensorLogger.

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Schabi and ownCloud – a contributor’s story
December 1, 2017

Schabi's portraitToday we talked to Christian Schabensberger, a recent contributor to ownCloud, about his personal story with ownCloud, and how he started contributing.

Hi Schabi, what are you contributing to ownCloud?

I’ve created the OCBookmarks Android app for both Nextcloud and ownCloud.

How long have you been using ownCloud/Nextcloud in total, what did you start with?

I used Nextcloud first, for about a month. It was version 12.0.1 back then – after that I switched to ownCloud.

So what made you switch to ownCloud?

Having tried both, Nextcloud felt a little like ownCloud in the earlier days. I had the feeling that some of the bugs that existed back then still exist in Nextcloud. All in all ownCloud now feels more elaborate.

Some examples?

1. When I tried to reimport some of my contacts as vCards into my contact storage, nothing happened. I read the log and googled a little, and found out that I should have created an address book before I could add those contacts. Nothing told me there was no existing contact book or I should create one.

2. When I was able to add contacts it took a really long time, and some failed to be imported at all, so I had to get through the whole contact list and see which were not imported.

Both worked immediately on ownCloud 10.

3. When I tried to import calendar data, Nextcloud didn’t show anything until the import was completed. So you would only hope that Nextcloud is importing the files properly in the background. ownCloud shows a loading bar there, so you at least get a little feedback.

4. Using Tasks with Nextcloud was pain, and that was the straw that broke the camels back. Updating tasks either via WebApp or Thunderbird was too slow. With Thunderbird it was only possible to make one action at a time. That means I could delete one task, but than I had to wait a while until anything would happen.

Tasks on android is always a pain even under ownCloud, but this seems to be a problem with openTasks, and DAVdroid.

5. When developing the android app OCBookmarks I used to cooperate with some devs of Nextcloud who created the bookmarks app for Nextcloud. They added an API to sync bookmarks (which ownCloud didn’t have by then). However they had an interesting way of developing a REST API.

They introduced their second version of the API as v2. Then from one version to another 0.10.0 -> 0.10.1 they suddenly changed the API, but still made it available as v2, which broke my app.

What is your favorite ownCloud app?

Hard to tell, I need all of them, although I miss a note taking app and a KeeWeb app to open .kdbx files in the browser.

You have a few projects on your own, right? Anything to recommend?

Yes, apart from developing the OCBookmarks app for Android, I wrote NewPipe, a Youtube frontend for Android, several other smaller projects, and help to release the Beta version of the ownCloud Android app on F-Droid.

The community thanks you for your contributions!


Schabi giving a talk about NewPipe
Schabi giving a talk about NewPipe

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ownCloud open Engineering Week 2017 in Nuremberg
November 20, 2017


Join us from December 4th – 8th in beautiful Nuremberg.

The idea:

A week in the spirit of innovation, development, and integration with and around the ownCloud ecosystem.

The participators:

ownCloud Developers, ownCloud-partners, App-Developers and anybody who is interested in hacking and developing the ownCloud platform as well as integrating other products and services within the ownCloud ecosystem.


At the beginning of the week we pitch our ideas, concepts and maybe even prototypes, to show what we would like to work on or see in the product. Together we build Teams for the week or maybe just even for a project and start hacking then.

Social activities:

Be sure that there will be also various social activities around the hackweek, starting with table football tournaments throughout the week, a visit to the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market, and the ownCloud year end party on December the 7th.

Developers, Developers, Developers…

This is an absolute technical event, we want to come together and *code a lot!*

Please let us know if you are attending and drop us a line at:




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Try out the new Android 2.5.1 Beta App now!
November 16, 2017

Apart from the 10.0.4 release which will come soon, we also need testers for the new version of the Android app. You have the chance to try out fresh features, and at the same time, you can help other ownCloud users, by contributing to the quality of the ownCloud software with your bug reports.

With the new Android version, we will have a new camera uploads feature, that is going to replace the instant uploads. The user just has to select a camera folder, and the pictures and videos from the camera folder are uploaded automatically in a period of 15 minutes at most, focusing on reliability instead of immediacy and avoiding battery draining caused by excessive checking of the folder.

We also adjusted the app to work fine with Android O, so you can use some of the features of the new Android version with the ownCloud app, for example the notification categories, enabling you to configure separately the notifications for ownCloud uploads and downloads among others. If you are already waiting for this, one more reason to download the beta now on the play store! If you have a google-free android phone, you can also get it on F-Droid.

If you find a bug, please participate in one of these channels:

– Write a comment on this issue in Github: https://github.com/owncloud/android/issues/2028

– Open a new topic on central: https://central.owncloud.org/

– Write to apps@owncloud.com

The developers can take care of it and fix the bug for everyone. Positive feedback is highly appreciated too, of course. Just play around with it!

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