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ownCloud X 10.0.1 released
May 24, 2017

Today we released ownCloud 10.0.1, the best and most reliable ownCloud server release ever. While our community is already working with the lately released ownCloud X version, today also the Enterprise Edition is final. For you as our community users this means, that this release will bring back the full LDAP-functionality together with new search features inside LDAP. We are very proud of this release and a big shout-out goes to all the contributors that made this release possible.

ownCloud X now marks a new era for ownCloud development. As we are saying goodbye to a waterfall based engineering process and now follow a more agile path, we will be able to develop quicker with even better code.

As you might have noticed we have built the ownCloud marketplace, and untangled most of the ownCloud application extensions from core. The core is and will be what it always was: The reliable and robust server for secure and private file-sync and share. All other Features are now optional via the marketplace.

The now lightweight core ensures that maintenance is easier, and you don’t waste valuable system resources on apps and functionalities you don’t want running. From now on it is a lot easier for developers and contributors to create own customized applications and features. This means that new features and applications can now be developed quicker not just by the ownCloud developers but also by you. The application extensions are now nicely separated from the file syncing core and your application or feature can be developed from a “clean” code base with well documented APIS.

Some minor fixes for calendar and contact apps which meanwhile had to be tackled manually are included as well. We really appreciated the large number of downloads and the fast adoption for ownCloud X and thankfully accepted that you shared some issues with us, that we now fixed.

The former Files Drop App is now included as a core functionality and the  is now fully integrated. To use sharing restriction and guest app side by side we created a new feature to restrict username autocompletion to group membership. A feature that esp. admins will like is that email verification is disabled for addresses they enter to avoid mailbounces. ownCloud X is more than just the server component. For successful file, sync and share solutions you need also the work on the client side. ownCloud X and the corresponding clients ensure that your server is accessible from all clients no matter what OS they run on, or at from where you access your server.

As usual find the complete changelog at https://owncloud.org/changelog/ and download the latest version at https://owncloud.org/install/#instructions-server

Stay tuned for our new releases: server apps, mobile and desktop clients: exiting stuff is coming up!

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ownCloud at the Nürnberg Web Week 2017
May 22, 2017

This year Nuremberg saw the #nueww again, as we already posted here.

We kicked off this years’ Nürnberg Web-Week by sponsoring the DevOps Camp, with more than 100 Attendees, Developers Sysadmins and DevOps engineers. We are proud that we had been part of this great event, sharing knowledge around what we all love the most: code, architecture and devops in general.

@felixboehm and @tboerger at their talk about docker

A lot of us enjoyed the evening events during the week. Finally on Friday night we were  warmly welcomed at the coworking-space nürnberg to show how we deploy ownCloud with docker containers in enterprise environments. Chief Engineer Felix Böhm and Senior DevOps Engineer Thomas Boerger demonstrated docker principles and how to set them up in enterprise environments.

The venue was packed and we enjoyed a good discussion – many were surprised that you can use docker already in an enterprise context, without having to worry about your setup.

We’re looking forward to contribute to the nueww next year! Building local structures is good for the inspiration of every open source project, even if it is a global one.

If you share the idea of thinking global and acting local, feel free to join our meetup program to get deeper knowledge about ownCloud X.

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Think global, act local – join the ownCloud meetup program!
May 19, 2017

ownCloud is a global open source project – where you come from shouldn’t matter, when you want to enjoy privacy and own your data. We have contributors all around the globe, who help developing the software, create apps, offer services, host ownClouds – but also who are just part of the network and share their own perspective on ownCloud. There is no barrier to join the ownCloud community.

But as every tree needs roots, we need local meetups to discuss ideas, contribute to ownCloud, share their experiences, and enjoy the company of fellow ownClouders. Only from local contributors comes the innovation which makes your ownCloud great, and fortunately everyone is located somewhere.

The Thessaloniki meetup group.

You can be a part of that – and we are helping you with the infrastructure. With the platform meetup.com you can look for existing ownCloud meetups in your area or open up a new one and quickly find other ownClouders around you. Feel free to contact us to get support from the official ownClouders account, especially to cover costs for a meetup.com membership. We can also supply you with swag, speakers, whatever else you may need.

So join our meetup program and become a part of the ownCloud community!

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ownCloud 10.0.1 is at the door, please help us testing!
May 17, 2017

Hey Folks,

we are getting ready to release 10.0.1. Please help us by testing the release candidate rc.1 .

Get a preview of the new features like the custom groups and marketplace and help us to make the release the best one ever.

We have put tons of work into eliminating bugs and in improving the overall performance, in any case this is software so please let us know when you find a bug here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/

Download the rc1 right here: https://download.owncloud.org/community/testing/owncloud-10.0.1RC1.tar.bz2


Thanks for your help and all the best, john and your ownCloud Team.


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ownCloud projects and students for GSoC 17 announced
May 5, 2017


please welcome three fresh members to the ownCloud community. Semih Serhat Karakaya, Hemant Mann and Noveen Sachdeva successfully applied with their proposals for this years Google Summer of Code. ownCloud is part of this global program focused on introducing students to open source software development.


Semir Serhat Karakaya
Hemant Mann
Noveen Sachdeva

We are very proud to see the chosen projects coming to life soon.

  • Semih Serhat Karakaya will develop a state of the art security app expanding ownClouds ability to keep your privacy with additional hardenings. The app aims to include Multifactor Authentification (done right ;-)), Brute Force Protection and several other methods to defend your ownCloud instance. Semih will be mentored by our Senior Security Analyst Peter Prochaska.
  • Hemant Mann will ensure that DropBox will still be part of files_external by using the new v2 API. As DropBox deprecates the v1 API by end of june this keep your existing connection to external storage provided by DropBox. Hemant will be mentored by Solutions Architect Dr. Jörn Friedrich Dreyer.
  • Noveen Sachdeva ambitious project is called »ownCloud as a backend for web apps«, which means to make support for cross-origin API access in ownCloud using OAuth2 verification AND write a JavaScript API Client library making it easy for the developers to communicate with existent ownCloud APIs. Noveen will be mentored by Senior Software Developer Vincent Petry.

Looking back on the application process we are proud to be chosen as one of 201 OpenSource Projects to be part of Google Summer of Code. The second appreciation we recieved was the submittance of almost 30 proposals and the assignment of 5 project slots by GSoC. The ownCloud mentor team which includes 10 people, which all will gladly contribute in the upcoming process, had a hard choice to identify the now confirmed projects.

Within the next weeks we will onboard our new contributors. Please join us in supporting them and welcome them as cordially as we do.

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