ownCloud Server 10.4 makes sharing even more granular

New version delivers more clarity, ephemeral user and group shares, culls PHP 7.0.

ownCloud Server 10.4 lets users see if a file or subfolder is shared as part of their parent folder – making sure they don’t unintentionally share or edit stuff. To that end, each file and folder icon now shows an overlay indicating their status. In addition, users can see in the sidebar if a file or subfolder is shared as part of a parent folder, and with whom.

See with whom files are shared – even in subfolders.

User and Group Shares now too can have expiration dates, just as public links already can. Admins may set a default maximum lifetime. Users can easily see and collapse the permission and expiration specifics for each file in the sidebar.

Add expiration dates to shares with users

With this new version, ownCloud Server drops support for PHP 7.0. Please do not forget to upgrade PHP prior to upgrading ownCloud Server, preferably to PHP 7.2 or 7.3, as support for PHP 7.1 will be dropped in one of the upcoming versions.

In database news, ownCloud Server now supports MariaDB up to version 10.4 and PostgreSQL up to version 10.

Please note: As always, ownCloud administrators should read the Release Notes carefully to make sure it will run smoothly. For more detail, please read the full Changelog.

You can download ownCloud 10.4.0:

Download ownCloud

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