ownCloud Conference 2017 was a blast!

ownCloud Conference 2017 was a blast! A week full of best practices, hacking, talks, solutions, awesome conversations and ownCloud!

Last week at the ownCloud conference was a very busy week, full of warm experiences, stainless software, outgoing people – a Conference full of ownCloud. Over 100 people met at the TH Georg-Simon-Ohm in Nuremberg to discuss and explore ownCloud.

Many people who work with different facets of ownCloud, showed their accomplishments, and all of the participants learned a lot about the other, more uncommon parts of the ownCloud universe.



What did we learn?

While many interesting discussions evolved at the coffee machine, the highlights surely were the talks.

In total we had more than 40 talks and workshops throughout the conference. Here are just a few examples:

Jörn Dreyer talked about OAuth2, and how to implement it for Shibboleth users, and Thomas Müller talked about how to use ownCloud with object store. Felix Böhm organized a session about monitoring ownCloud’s performance over night, where many people participated. Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle gave a talk on Licenses, open source software, and the software supply chain and the depths of copyleft.

Markus Feilner gave a talk on open Source Enterprise Leadership.

Giuseppe Lo Presti from CERN, which uses ownCloud for years, demonstrated the future of collaborative editing in their CERNBox, one of the biggest storages worldwide. They also collaborate with SWITCH,  who sent Greg Vernon to talk about improving the performance with MariaDB with ownCloud.

Long time ownCloud contributor and Engineering Director Enterprise Cloud at SUSE: Klaas Freitag gave two talks on the syncing of encrypted containers and AppImage.

There were dozens of more talks and and just too many to mention them all.

We made recordings of all of the talks, make sure to follow us on twitter and/or youtube to get the Videos and Slides!



Work hard, party hard

On Friday night we explored the Nuremberg nightlife, and celebrated the Conference with an incredible night at the Harlem Bar in the Nuremberg city (and wherever we have been afterwards^^).

I don’t want to say too much. But if you think, Nerds can’t party – just look at those photos:

Cloud Camp – the place to be creative

On Saturday, we switched to open mind mode and got a bit creative. We sat together and had some spontaneous sessions; for example, how one could get the ownCloud client to use a virtual file system, what could be done with the ownCloud workflows app, and a talk about leadership and depression, which was absurdly funny in a very touching way:


Thanks to our Sponsors…

Last but not least, we want to thank our two partners for sponsoring, Univention and openSUSE, who made this event possible with their contributions.

…and thanks to all of you for making the ownCloud Conference this awesome!

See you at oCCon18!

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