ownCloud Android 2.13 Release – Document Provider Improvements and More

This release brings further improvements to the Document Provider to the ownCloud Android app! Update your app to check out the improvements.

During the ownCloud Conference 2019, the ownCloud Android developers could put the final touches to this version of the app. It brings improvements to different areas. Most important is the extension of the Document Provider feature.

Document Provider support is available in the app since version 2.11 – it enables you to use ownCloud files in other Android apps.

With this version, the document provider can now also copy and move from images, videos, audio, internal storage, and other apps to ownCloud. More file operations are supported now.

But it is not limited to other Android apps – you can also copy and move from an ownCloud account to another destination in the same account, when you are in another app. You don’t have to open the Android app for this.

The Document Provider features are not the only user-visible improvement in this release – the items in the available offline shortcut will show the date and size from now on. Other improvements to this dialog will follow.

Now you see the date and the size of files in the available offline view.

Finally, in the future more data is logged to gather information about known issues like “Rate dialog keeps appearing even after selecting not showing it again” and crashes related to uploads in background. Of course this only happens for users who opted in.

Get the App Now!

If you have installed the app already, you can update it at the Google Play Store or in F-Droid. If you don’t have it yet, get it now!

Get the app at the Play Store!

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