ownCloud Android 2.13.1 – oAuth gets even more stable

ownCloud Android app 2.13.1 brings an improved oAuth Flow and makes the app even more stable.

today we are releasing a new version of the ownCloud Android app with an important improvement in the flow and error accuracy for OAuth when the token expires or becomes invalid.

OAuth flow and error improvement

It’s been many versions since we started to support OAuth 2 in the Android app but as with the rest of features, there’s always room for improvements.

In this version of the app we have replaced the old error message with a new one when the OAuth token expires or becomes invalid. Previously, it was “Authentication failed” and now is “The access token has expired or become invalid. Sign in again to regain access”, making it more accurate and descriptive for the users.

Along with this error message, there’s a button that we have also changed, from “Change account” to “Sign in”. When tapping the old button we showed a view with the list of accounts, so if you wanted to regain access you needed to tap the key button to see the login view again.

With the new button “Sign in”, we are getting rid of the additional step to select the account and the login view will appear directly, where you just need to press the button login and authorize again.

How can I download the new ownCloud Android app?

2.13.1 is already available on Google Play Store, so download and enjoy it!

Get the app at the Play Store!

How can I send my feedback to ownCloud developers?

We really appreciate your feedback to improve the ownCloud Android app so if you find any bug or want to make any suggestion, please participate in one of these channels:

Do you have any thoughts on this release? Drop us a comment below!

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