Insight: How an Entire Ecosystem Benefits From the ownCloud Community

Open Source lives from the community, which improves and individually develops the software every day. A large community footprint is therefore essential for the success of a project. But how can this be actually measured?

Community contributor Klaas Freitag, who played a key role in the development of the Sync Client, did some research and examined the proportion of ownCloud developers in other community solutions such as the Nextcloud Client.

An examination of the commits pushed to Github provides a revealing insight. If you sort the commits according to which project the authors are assigned to – both in terms of the number of commits and the number of changed lines – you get a clear picture.

More than 80 percent of the code base comes from ownCloud developers.


ownCloud community footprint commits

Number of commits to the Nextcloud Desktop repository as of Nov. 10, 2018


“I am proud that the work we do in ownCloud is actually stimulating two projects”, Klaas writes in his blog. For him, the ownCloud community is one that generates innovations, pushes things forward and fixes many “nasty” bugs every day.

Klaas’ research, once again, reminds us that our focus on improving stability, reliability and security has led to a product that not only benefits enterprises but the entire Open Source ecosystem that surrounds us. We are honored to be a contributor towards this ecosystem, and continuously strive towards creating the best Open Source platform for digital collaboration worldwide.

For Klaas Freitag’s full research, read his blog.

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