Improved File Sharing Permissions for OnlyOffice – New Collaboration Features Introduced!

OnlyOffice just released a new version of their ownCloud integration app, which makes use of most recent ownCloud sharing improvements. Share files much? Enjoy these new secure collaboration features!

The improvements by OnlyOffice make use of the latest advancements in ownCloud Server 10.2, advanced sharing permissions. The advanced sharing permissions allows ownCloud apps to define their own permissions. This again shows the expertise in collaboration between OnlyOffice and ownCloud.

The new update to their app brings ownCloud-exclusive sharing permissions for OnlyOffice users: share owners can allow or disallow downloading, reviewing, filling out forms, commenting, and modifying the filter in office files.

You can use these permissions in all OnlyOffice documents, presentations, and spreadsheets – more specifically the .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx file types.

Here are some more details on how this benefits users:

Download Prevention – Protect Your Data

With the download permission, you can restrict downloading the shared file that is especially useful for sensitive data. This way you can control who can download the data and who can’t.

Usually, if you share a file with one person, you never know where it ends up. They could lose it, they could get hacked, they could share it against your consent; unchecking the download permission prevents these mishaps and protects your data.

This is especially useful for companies and agencies who have to comply with data security requirements; but everyone else will benefit from the improved control over their data, too.


owncloud collaboration document share permissions

Allow or restrict downloading for everyone who receives your file share.


Granular Sharing Options for Collaboration on .docx Files

Depending on what feedback you want from the person you are sharing the document with, there are three other new permissions. Note that they only appear when you uncheck the “edit” permission. They are mutually exclusive, so you can only apply one of them at the same time:

With the form filling permission, you can just ask them to fill out forms, but they can’t change anything else. Internal bureaucracy will be the most common use case for this.

The comment permission allows them to state their opinion and view comments by others. This also works with spreadsheets and presentations – communication is very important for successful collaboration.

And with the review permission, they can suggest, accept, and reject changes, but can’t make normal edits. You can gather their contributions without losing clarity who wrote what. This makes for a great collaboration workflow.

Filtering in .xlsx Spreadsheets

Apart from commenting, you can allow or disallow modifying filters for OnlyOffice spreadsheets. If the user is allowed to modify filters, they can change them for everyone else who uses the file.

If you don’t grant that permission, they can still apply filters – they just don’t affect anyone else. This gif shows quite well how it works:


owncloud connector modify filter

The modify filter permission defines whether the filter changes of a share receiver affect your filters, too.


And I Only Have to Download the App From the Marketplace?

Not quite, you need an OnlyOffice server to get this to work. You can set up OnlyOffice easily with docker, and integrate it into your ownCloud server with the OnlyOffice integration app. Or ask your admin to do it.

You can find the integration app on the Marketplace:


Get the OnlyOffice integration app on the Marketplace!


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