Desktop Client 2.5.3 Release – Thanks for Your Feedback!

Client development is an ongoing process – driven by the community. Thanks to user feedback there is a new desktop release! Upgrade now to get the latest changes.

Open Source development is about interaction, feedback, and collaboration. You can not only read the source code, change it, contribute – it goes beyond that. Important about Open Source is the social connection to the developers.

Because there are things developers do not know. Especially user experience is something you know better – and if you tell us (e.g. on Central), we know which parts need to be polished.

Now there is a new client release, and you took part. You gave feedback, the developers used that to experiment with the client, and improved it further and further. With this release comes a small portion:

Hiding the Settings Window

Until last version, when you downloaded a virtual file, the settings window appeared to show the progress. We thought this was a convenient way to show a progress bar – but some of you found that it gets in the way of the workflow.

So from now on it isn’t shown while the client downloads a virtual file – don’t worry, the download will still happen. Is this the right solution? Let us know in the comments if you have other ideas!


ownCloud Client download virtual file

The settings window does not appear anymore when opening a virtual file.


Upgrade to Get the Newest Fixes!

Apart from that, there are mainly bug fixes, especially for MacOS clients. Thanks to the community for helping debugging, sending crash logs, etc.! This was very helpful to track down the bugs and fixing it for everyone.

We are also further hardening the Virtual File System feature, it got some minor improvements. For details, read the full changelog. This is a hotfix release, as version 2.5.2 had some issues which could immediately be corrected.

If you have had issues with 2.5.1, upgrading is a good idea. Stay tuned for 2.6.0 with new improvements!


Get the ownCloud Client 2.5.3!


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