Desktop App 2.6.1 Release

A new version for ownCloud on desktop is available: We have implemented many improvements for Linux users, polished the usability and included a number of small fixes

Three new features and changes that make you want to upgrade to the new ownCloud desktop version immediately:

1. Enhanced Linux desktop integration

We added a button in the user interface with which Linux users can finally quit the ownCloud app (ok ok, it’s ok, to quit the ownCloud app from time to time). We also extended the context menu: With a right-click on your ownCloud you can now exit the app natively – like you are used to from many other applications. (This will especially please all Gnome users).

Furthermore, until recently you had to log in again on the latest Ubuntu after every reboot. We fixed that!

2. More human, less robot

We now show the domain of your ownCloud as well as your display name throughout the desktop app instead of the domain and hostname only. It’s nice and clear especially in your server activity view.

We also improved the desktop notifications: You can see from which connected account notifications are coming and our wording has got an additional layer ‘human’.

3. Virtual Files System for Windows

With the desktop app version 2.6.0 we have released the ownCloud Virtual Files System for Windows File Explorer as a technical preview. For this we use the native Cloud Filter API and are proud to be the first open source cloud storage and file sharing vendor who has already integrated this. With the new version 2.6.1 we implemented some stability improvements, the next steps are to release a stable version and therefore make it a default feature of ownCloud desktop.

Of course there are many more minor improvements, to learn more check the changelog. The ownCloud desktop app is available for Windows, macOS and any larger Linux distribution. Upgrade your ownCloud desktop app today!

Get the ownCloud desktop app now!

What do you think about these updates? Leave a comment below or share this post on social media, we are looking forward to hearing from you!