How to Host ownCloud – While Staying Anonymous Through Tor

Imagine you could download civil rights, when the state doesn’t guarantee them. In some states, you risk your life when you don’t stay anonymous. This blogpost shows how you can host ownCloud with Tor and Tails.

Flexiblere 2FA an ownCloud

Die privacyIDEA ownCloud App 2.5.1 bietet flexible Authentifizierung mit zweiten Faktoren wie U2F, HOTP, TOTP, Email, SMS, Smartphone…

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Our Third Party Apps Charts for March 2019 – ownCloud #1 again

It’s time for a new edition of the 3rd Party App Charts. Compared to the last issue there were the following changes: Current Top Ten of the Third Party Apps in the App Center: App Rang ownCloud 1 Nextcloud 2 Kopano 3 ONLYOFFICE Document Server 4 SuiteCRM 5 OX App Suite 6 Bareos Backup Server […]

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Collabora Online 4.0 released

Cambridge, United Kingdom, February 14, 2019 – Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind bringing LibreOffice to the cloud, is excited to announce a new, major release of our enterprise product Collabora Online 4.0. This release includes a fresh look, mobile improvements, improved interoperability, new dialogs and functionality as well as a raft of bug fixes […]

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Flexible Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung an ownCloud

In der neuen Version 2.5 des privacyIDEA ownCloud Plugins kann der Administrator nun entscheiden, in welchem Fall er von den Benutzern eine Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung verlangt und wann nicht. Dies kann der Administrator von der IP-Adresse des anfragenden Clients abhängig machen. So kann er bspw. erzwingen, dass Zugriffe aus dem Internet mit einem zweiten Faktor geschützt sind, […]

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Threema Safe und ownCloud

Wer ownCloud verwendet hat sich sicherlich auch schon über einen sicheren Messenger Gedanken gemacht und ist dabei bei Threema gelandet, einem sehr fortgeschrittenen, vor allem sicheren Messenger Programm. Es ist sicher eine sehr gute Wahl gegenüber Anbietern mit zweifelhafter Privacy-Strategie wie WhatsApp. Seit einigen Wochen bietet Threema ein weiteres interessantes Feature mit dem Namen Threema […]

Eighty Percent ownCloud

Recently the German computer magazin C’t posted an article about file sync solutions (“Unter eigener Regie”, C’t 23, 2018) with native sync clients. The article was pretty positive about the FOSS solution of… Nextcloud! I was wondering why they had not choosen ownCloud’s client as my feeling is that ownCloud is way more busy and […]

Linux Programs in Windows: Just Integrate UCS in Active Directory

Our Univention App Center offers many open source applications from all areas, which you can add to your UCS environment in just a few clicks. Whether groupware, CRM or backup solution – the list of apps is growing continuously. If you want to use these applications in a Windows environment, UCS offers a particularly convenient […]

2017 – Mission Accomplished! Welcome 2018!


We look back at an successful year 2017 and look forward to a great year 2018! Improved security, stability and quality for all ownCloud products!

Collabora Online Development Edition 3.0 released

ownCloud Collabore CODE

Congratulations to the Collabora Team for releasing CODE 3.0! Take over Control on your Data with ownCloud and Collabora! Now with the full LibreOffice dialogs!