Download the new Android Beta Client at the Google Play Store today!


After we brought the Android Beta Client to the popular Open Source appstore F-Droid already, we now put it into the Google Play Store too, so more of you can help us testing. The app is free of course, both in license and in price. Also you should notice that this is already the next […]

We talked to Andrea Pfundmeier from Boxcryptor about End-to-End-Encryption

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Andrea and I am CEO and one of the founders of Boxcryptor. Together with my co-founder and our CTO Robert we started Boxcryptor back in 2011. We provide, the name says it – an encryption solution.  We and our team are located in Augsburg, […]

We need testers for an important linux client update!

Our Community is making progress with the linux client.  We are adapting to better foundations. With the move from the system‘s Qt to shipping our own qt5.6.2, the client will rely on less unpredictable libraries in the future. This will fix a lot of underlying problems we had to work around in the past. Please […]

The ownCloud beta client is coming to the fdroid repository for easier testing!

Lots of you already installed the ownCloud desktop testing client, and are helping us finding the bugs we need to fix. The same is now coming for the android client, or better said, for the popular fdroid repository, where you can easily download open source apps (for free, of course). If you don’t want to […]

4 Easy Steps to Set up End-to-End-Encryption With Cryptomator

Cryptomator is a very convenient Open Source tool to protect your data with end-to-end encryption. Combined with ownCloud, it is one of the most secure ways to back up important files in the cloud.

Cryptomator: we talked to Christian Schmickler

Emil: Who are you and what do you do? What is your role at Cryptomator.  Christian Schmickler: We are Skymatic, a German startup with a founding team of four privacy-passionate enthusiasts. We develop Cryptomator, the open source software that helps everyone protect their files and privacy in cloud storages. You can follow our development activities […]

Released: new ownCloud Android & iOS mobile clients today!

Next to the testpilot version of our new desktop client, new versions of ownCloud mobile client apps are now officially available: ownCloud Android app 2.4.0 and ownCloud iOS app 3.6.0. These releases will enable you to enjoy all the power of ownCloud X in your mobile devices. The apps now support multiple public links per file, […]

Brand new stuff. Play with our new testing client!

Our community works continuously to improve the ownCloud software. The client is an important part of it, it makes the syncing of files as easy as moving files on your own computer. The cloud becomes a part of your file system. ownCloud always promised “file sync & share” – and the new ownCloud X version […]

New Desktop Client 2.3.0 release out now!

Grab the brand new ownCloud Desktop Client 2.3.0 for either Mac, Windows or Linux (or build it from source)! It features many improvements under the hood as decreased memory (up to 300% !) and CPU usage as well as better time/bandwidth estimation during sync. In the frontend you might notice two big improvements concerning the sync […]

New iOS App released

Keep an eye on our newest iOS App for ownCloud, which will enter the AppStore still today This new version includes New options available for instant uploads. Select what type of media you want to upload Stream Photo items from iCloud. Now you can upload your photos even if they are not downloaded to your […]