Introducing OAuth2 secure authorization flow

ownCloud supports oAuth2

ownCloud introduces the industry standard for an secure authentication flow: oAuth2! Protect your data, on your clients and on your server.

We talked to Andrea Pfundmeier from Boxcryptor about End-to-End-Encryption

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Andrea and I am CEO and one of the founders of Boxcryptor. Together with my co-founder and our CTO Robert we started Boxcryptor back in 2011. We provide,, the name says it – an encryption solution.  We and our team are located in Augsburg, […]

We need testers for an important linux client update!

Our Community is making progress with the linux client.  We are adapting to better foundations. With the move from the system‘s Qt to shipping our own qt5.6.2, the client will rely on less unpredictable libraries in the future. This will fix a lot of underlying problems we had to work around in the past. Please […]

How to set up end-to-end-encryption with Cryptomator

Cryptomator: How to protect yourself and your data! On Tuesday, we interviewed Christian Schmickler – his software Crpytomator offers an easy and open source way for ownCloud users to end-to-end-encrypt their files client-side. We show how to set this up with your ownCloud sync client. Both cryptomator and our sync client are available for Windows, […]

Cryptomator: we talked to Christian Schmickler

Emil: Who are you and what do you do? What is your role at Cryptomator.  Christian Schmickler: We are Skymatic, a German startup with a founding team of four privacy-passionate enthusiasts. We develop Cryptomator, the open source software that helps everyone protect their files and privacy in cloud storages. You can follow our development activities […]

Brand new stuff. Play with our new testing client!

Our community works continuously to improve the ownCloud software. The client is an important part of it, it makes the syncing of files as easy as moving files on your own computer. The cloud becomes a part of your file system. ownCloud always promised “file sync & share” – and the new ownCloud X version […]

New Desktop Client 2.3.0 release out now!

Grab the brand new ownCloud Desktop Client 2.3.0 for either Mac, Windows or Linux (or build it from source)! It features many improvements under the hood as decreased memory (up to 300% !) and CPU usage as well as better time/bandwidth estimation during sync. In the frontend you might notice two big improvements concerning the sync […]

Email Data Size Limitations eliminated with Outlook Plug-In

Today we announced the release of a new Microsoft Outlook plug-in. This means that you can easily send secure files as well as whole folders. Now, instead of attachments, the plug-in will automatically add the links to corresponding files within ownCloud, without having to change your workflow. The plug-in is fully integrated into Outlook, easy to […]

ownCloud Partner, Collabora, Updates CODE

Today our partner, Collabora Productivity, has announced the update to their Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE). With this new edition comes the much anticipated feature—collaborative editing. This new update just shows the amazing work that Collabora has been doing and we couldn’t be prouder to call them a partner! This collaboration functionality has frequently been […]

talks from the ownCloud conference 2016 weekend

Dear ownClouders, thanks to the awesome c3voc Team for recording our talks and sessions on Saturday and Sunday! Please find here the  List of Talks and the recordings of it.   Welcome and Introduction  by Franka Wittek and Jonathan Kawohl Keynote: Cornelius Schumacher on the “Freedom of Webservices” Sergio Bertolin: “Avoiding a Swarm of Bugs […]