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ownCloud - Android -beta

Get an preview of the upcoming ownCloud Android Release and help our devs by testing the android beta Release! Get it while its hot!

ownCloud Android 2.5.0 release. Now with oAuth2 support.


The brandnew ownCloud Android app 2.5.0 is released, with OAuth2 support. Protect your data and upgrade now!

Download the new Android Beta Client at the Google Play Store today!


After we brought the Android Beta Client to the popular Open Source appstore F-Droid already, we now put it into the Google Play Store too, so more of you can help us testing. The app is free of course, both in license and in price. Also you should notice that this is already the next […]

The ownCloud beta client is coming to the fdroid repository for easier testing!

Lots of you already installed the ownCloud desktop testing client, and are helping us finding the bugs we need to fix. The same is now coming for the android client, or better said, for the popular fdroid repository, where you can easily download open source apps (for free, of course). If you don’t want to […]

4 Easy Steps to Set up End-to-End-Encryption With Cryptomator

Cryptomator is a very convenient Open Source tool to protect your data with end-to-end encryption. Combined with ownCloud, it is one of the most secure ways to back up important files in the cloud.

Released: new ownCloud Android & iOS mobile clients today!

Next to the testpilot version of our new desktop client, new versions of ownCloud mobile client apps are now officially available: ownCloud Android app 2.4.0 and ownCloud iOS app 3.6.0. These releases will enable you to enjoy all the power of ownCloud X in your mobile devices. The apps now supportĀ multiple public links per file, […]

You rocked the ownCloud Conference 2016

ownCloud conference 2016: Pure Awesomeness!   In short: The ownCloud conference 2016 had more than 150 Visitors and was so far the biggest ownCloud conference ever! 6 Days of talks, discussions, coding, hacking and fun have come to an end. Here is just a brief overview on what went on and some photos to get […]

ownCloud Android Client 2.1 Improves Access to Data

Last week we published a new update of the ownCloud Android App, version 2.1. This latest release has some new features that deserve a special mention. Multiple selection No more handling files one by one. Long press a file in the list and enjoy the contextual mode, where you can click as many files and […]

ownCloud Android Client 2.0 comes with upload view, federated sharing and more

The new ownCloud Android app has been made available in the Google Play store, delivering significant enhancements and new features. The UI has been refined, users can engage in Federated sharing and probably most importantly the team finally integrated the the new uploading code with the upload dialog. This means uploads can be tracked, canceled […]

ownCloud Desktop and Android Client Updates

Today, we published an update to the ownCloud Android client which introduces improved file upload handling and UI improvements; and an update to the ownCloud Desktop client bringing updated HiDPI support, networking improvements and better syncing. Get your updates now and keep your data safely at home! Android Changes The most notable improvements in the […]