The Holiday Season Just Got Brighter

Holiday Season

Read how ownCloud wants to make your holiday season brighter than ever. All the warm feelings are just a few clicks away.

Switching To Semantic Versioning With ownCloud Server 10.1

ownCloud Semantic Versioning

In the future, the version numbers will say more about the upcoming improvements. What does this mean for admins?

Opinion: You Can’t Have Open Source Progress Without Accessibility

ownCloud open source accessibility

Just as science, free software does contribute to open knowledge. The idea is that open source progress benefits everyone. But is this really true?

Virtual File System Now With One Click – Desktop Client Release 2.5.1

This version gives you easy access to your virtual file system! Upgrade now to try it out.

Android App Release 2.9.1: Usability Improvements and a New Network Library

ownCloud Android app release 2.9.0

Today’s update for the ownCloud Android app brings library and usability improvements. With each release, the app becomes more stable, performant, and future-proof.

We‘re Working on a Brand-New iOS App and SDK

ownCloud new iOS app

Join us as we take a tour of the upcoming, completely rewritten iOS app and SDK. Learn everything about its architecture, security focus, cool new features – and how you can get early access to the beta!

Docker Series Pt.3: Automatically Backup and Restore a Dockerized ownCloud

What to do in an emergency? Good backup strategies are important, so your users don’t lose data. This how-to shows easy ways of keeping your ownCloud instance safe.

ownCloud Once Again Defends Title: Wins Platinum Award for Secure Enterprise File Sharing

ownCloud storage insider award winner

The readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” have voted: for the third year in a row, ownCloud has been awarded first place in the IT Award, “Enterprise File Sharing” category.

Highlights from the ownCloud Conference 2018

A week ago was the ownCloud Conference 2018 – and everyone learned a lot about best practices and solutions, hacked around and talked about new ideas. How will ownCloud evolve in the coming year?

Desktop Client 2.5.0 Release – the Virtual File System is Here!

Today we release the brand new ownCloud Desktop client. It includes the Virtual File System as a tech preview and improves sync performance. Make sure to update now!