Be the First to Test New Android Features – Become an ownCloud Beta Tester in Just 2 Steps!

ownCloud App in Review Heaven

With 2.8.0, we will bring a lot of new interface improvements to the Android app. You can already check them out in the beta release. Grab it while it’s hot!

The ownCloud Client Goes Virtual – Sync Your Files on Demand

ownCloud virtual file system

The ownCloud virtual file system will greatly enhance the user experience of the Desktop Client. Save bandwidth and local storage by syncing the files directly at your fingertips. Try it out!

When efforts pay off: ownCloud is nominated again for the IT Storage Insider Award

ownCloud storage award platinum 2017

We are excited to announce that for the third year straight, ownCloud has been nominated for Storage Insider Readers’ Choice Award for Enterprise File Sharing! Now we need your help to win this.

It’s only 2 steps to bring your ownCloud 9.1 appliance up to date!

migrate ownCloud appliance to new Univention aplliance

You still run an ownCloud 9.1 appliance? There are plenty of new features available in ownCloud X. Time to migrate to our new appliance!

ownCloud forum hack: Why password security is more important than ever

ownCloud Password Security

A hack on the social media platform LinkedIn happened in 2012 made the unauthorized access to user data of the ownCloud forum possible. Weak and old passwords are still a major threat to online services.

ownCloud App in Review Heaven

ownCloud App in Review Heaven

How did we get from 2-3 to 4-5 stars ratings? David Gonzalez, lead app developer at ownCloud, talks about how we managed to increase the ownCloud app development quality.

ownCloud Server 10.0.8 Release

It is our pleasure to announce the release of ownCloud Server 10.0.8, today! 100+ BugFixes, minor tweaks, and a bunch of new Features prove our path to building high-quality Software. ownCloud is the performant, robust and future-proof Open Source file sync and share solution that you trust your files with.

Android App 2.7.0 Release – Features, Features, Features!

ownCloud Android app release 2.7.0

Beautiful apps don’t write themselves – people do it. They brought you many new features. Learn about all of the improvements!

Welcome Delta Sync for ownCloud


ownCloud announces the implementation of Delta sync for the ownCloud Server and Desktop Client. This speeds up the synchronization of uncompressed files tremendously.

The first 4 steps after you installed the ownCloud appliance

ownCloud appliance 4 steps improve

Installing the ownCloud appliance leaves you with a recommended setup. But you can get much more out of your appliance. Part 2 of our appliance series focuses on small steps which deliver big improvements.