4 small steps to try Enterprise features in your ownCloud appliance!

ownCloud try Enterprise features appliance

While ownCloud is entirely free to use, you might consider the ownCloud Enterprise features, too. A lot of professional features wait to be tested and implemented. In part 3 of our appliance how-to series we show you how you set up your 30 days Enterprise Trial.

Android App 2.7.0 Release – Features, Features, Features!

ownCloud Android app release 2.7.0

Beautiful apps don’t write themselves – people do it. They brought you many new features. Learn about all of the improvements!

Welcome Delta Sync for ownCloud


ownCloud announces the implementation of Delta sync for the ownCloud Server and Desktop Client. This speeds up the synchronization of uncompressed files tremendously.

The first 4 steps after you installed the ownCloud appliance

ownCloud appliance 4 steps improve

Installing the ownCloud appliance leaves you with a recommended setup. But you can get much more out of your appliance. Part 2 of our appliance series focuses on small steps which deliver big improvements.

ownCloud Phoenix – rebirth of the ownCloud user interface


We proudly announce the birth of ownCloud Phoenix! Following our path of modularisation, we introduce a true web client which holds only HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. The WebUI is unbundled from the ownCloud Backend-Server. The Goal is to have a clean and easy to understand code structure.

Pierpaolo Fantuzzi about ownCloud – a user’s success story

ownCloud success story

Usually it’s none of our business what’s going on in the heads of our users – Pierpaolo explicitly told us though. And we liked what he said!

Goodbye ownCloud 9.1 – Welcome ownCloud LTS


With the ownCloud 9.1.8 release we reach the end of the ownCloud 9.1 version. Ensure to upgrade to ownCloud X soon! With the EOL of ownCloud 9.1 we introduce ownCloud LTS for Version 10.0 .

7 easy steps to set up an ownCloud appliance

ownCloud appliance installation is easy

Welcome to our ownCloud Appliance setup guide. In a series of how-tos we will explain what the appliance is and for whom it fits, how you set it up and how to configure it correctly. In this post we will cover the installation of ownCloud.

Desktop Client 2.4.1 release


Today we release the brand new ownCloud Desktop client. Our Focus on stability, file integrity and overall robustness reflects in this release.
Make sure to update now!

February 11th: the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

ownCloud STEM woman

There are still not enough women in STEM. That’s why Solid GEAR and ownCloud are empowering women through mentorship projects. On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, two girls visited the SolidGEAR offices in spain to learn how the developer job looks like.