ownCloud Android 2.13.1 – oAuth gets even more stable

ownCloud Android app release

ownCloud Android app 2.13.1 brings an improved oAuth Flow and makes the app even more stable.

ownCloud Android 2.13 Release – Document Provider Improvements and More

ownCloud Android app release

This release brings further improvements to the Document Provider to the ownCloud Android app! Update your app to check out the improvements.

Porting the ownCloud iOS App to the Mac – how Catalyst Changes the Game

ownCloud iOS macOS catalyst porting

The ownCloud team ported the new iOS app to the Mac, using the new Catalyst technology. What did they learn? Michael Neuwert talked about it at the ownCloud Conference.

Try Out the New ownCloud Phoenix Frontend – the Beta Is Here!

The new frontend is ready for testing! Phoenix opens a new era to the ownCloud ecosystem. Its architecture facilitates good design and UX decisions – but take a look and decide for yourself.

Sneak Peak: Who Is Going to Speak at the ownCloud Conference?

The Conference will take place in Nuremberg during September 17-20. The whole community gathers to exchange knowledge about ownCloud’s most recent developments and how to get the best out of it. Come and listen!

Interview: We Talked to Mohit, This Year’s Google Summer of Code Student

ownCloud mohit google summer of code

Mohit wrote two apps for Phoenix and Reva, the two pillars of the upcoming ownCloud Infinite Scale. His mentors are from CERN, AARNet, and ownCloud. What can he tell us about the hot new stuff?

ownCloud Android 2.12 Release – Sharing Rewrite

ownCloud Android app release

There is a new release for the ownCloud Android app! It brings performance improvements to Sharing. What does this mean for the user?

Re-Architecting the ownCloud App for Android

ownCloud android new architecture sharing

The Android team is currently rewriting the ownCloud app to change the architecture. The first improvements will be released soon. What can you learn from this?

Running ownCloud in Kubernetes With Rook Ceph Storage – Step by Step

The best practices for high availability, scalability, and performance? Read this guide about running ownCloud in Kubernetes with using Rook for a Ceph Cluster.

Opinion: Are ownCloud Servers a Democracy or Just a Platform?

ownCloud error 155 democracy not found

is ownCloud a platform just like Facebook and Amazon? If yes, who makes the decisions on an ownCloud server? A plea for more democracy.