ownCloud Server 10.1 Release – A Big Step Forward in Digital Collaboration

ownCloud 10 server release

What is the next step towards the future of online collaboration? This version of ownCloud brings new light to the way people are working together. A modern workplace with new tools moves teamwork to the next level.

Something Missing in the ownCloud Documentation? Then Contribute!

ownCloud documentation contribute

The ownCloud documentation helps every ownCloud user. Users, admins, and developers use it daily to find information. However, what many people don’t know is that everyone can also edit the documentation!

Desktop Client 2.5.3 Release – Thanks for Your Feedback!

ownCloud Client 2.5.2 release

Client development is an ongoing process – driven by the community. Thanks to user feedback there is a new desktop release! Upgrade now to get the latest changes.

How to Write an ownCloud App with the New ownCloud Vue.js Frontend Phoenix

Frontend development does not have to be hard – with the right framework. Phoenix, the new ownCloud frontend, makes it easy to develop extensions for ownCloud. This guide explains how you can get started.

Insight: How an Entire Ecosystem Benefits From the ownCloud Community

Open Source lives from the community, which improves and individually develops the software every day. A large community footprint is therefore essential for the success of a project. But how can this be actually measured?

Use OnlyOffice to Edit a Document Together – Directly From a Public Link!

ownCloud OnlyOffice public link editing

OnlyOffice is a useful ownCloud extension to edit documents online. It’s easy to let others contribute to one of your documents – they don’t even need an ownCloud account.

Edit a Document With Collabora – Directly From a Public Link!

Did you know that you can share a document to easily edit it with others? The Collabora integration for ownCloud makes collaboration easy.

ownCloud 2018: A Year of Setting the Course

What a year! With nearly every month a highlight we can look back at a very successful 2018.

Interview: How KDE Craft Improves the ownCloud Client Build Process

ownCloud KDE Craft Hannah Domme

At ownCloud, there are many experiments with new technology. Dominik and Hannah did great work on the client build process recently. How did they do it and how can you use it?

The Holiday Season Just Got Brighter

Holiday Season

Read how ownCloud wants to make your holiday season brighter than ever. All the warm feelings are just a few clicks away.