Docker Series Pt.3: Automatically Backup and Restore a Dockerized ownCloud

What to do in an emergency? Good backup strategies are important, so your users don’t lose data. This how-to shows easy ways of keeping your ownCloud instance safe.

ownCloud Once Again Defends Title: Wins Platinum Award for Secure Enterprise File Sharing

ownCloud storage insider award winner

The readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” have voted: for the third year in a row, ownCloud has been awarded first place in the IT Award, “Enterprise File Sharing” category.

Highlights from the ownCloud Conference 2018

A week ago was the ownCloud Conference 2018 – and everyone learned a lot about best practices and solutions, hacked around and talked about new ideas. How will ownCloud evolve in the coming year?

Desktop Client 2.5.0 Release – the Virtual File System is Here!

Today we release the brand new ownCloud Desktop client. It includes the Virtual File System as a tech preview and improves sync performance. Make sure to update now!

ownCloud 10.0.10 adds support for PHP 7.2

ownCloud 10 server release

After thorough testing, ownCloud is ready for PHP 7.2. This step moves ownCloud to the edge of technology! You should upgrade your PHP version and additional modules soon.

ownCloud Server 10.0.10 Release

ownCloud 10 server release

We are very proud to release a new server version today! With the beginning of the ownCloud Conference in Nuremberg, we present you the newest features. Upgrade now!

Docker Series Pt.2: Set up ownCloud + Traefik as a Reverse Proxy with Let’s Encrypt SSL

Docker is an easy and powerful way to set up ownCloud, making it easy to extend the architecture. The reverse proxy Traefik, for example, integrates other services and can provide Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

How to try out the ownCloud Enterprise Apps

ownCloud try Enterprise features

While ownCloud is entirely free to use, you might consider the ownCloud Enterprise features, too. A lot of professional features wait to be tested. This tutorial shows how to set up the 30 days Enterprise Trial.

ownCloud Foundation Officially Launched

ownCloud foundation officially founded

The ownCloud Foundation will focus on supporting the collaboration of the developer community and establishing different working groups. Other tasks are further technical improvement, knowledge exchange and any community related activities.

The ownCloud Docs are Migrating to Antora! (Pt. 1/2)

ownCloud documentation migrating to Antora

Minimal Markup, Maximum Functionality: The ownCloud documentation is migrating to Antora, the most modern AsciiDoc based documentation site generator.