Desktop Client Tips: How to Add a Folder Sync Connection

The ownCloud Desktop Client has many convenient features – some might be interesting for you. Multiple Folder Sync Connections give you more options to bring order to your desktop. Put your files where you need them.

Opinion: How to Fund Open Source Projects

Developers have to eat. But Open Source software is not easy to sell, because it benefits everyone. How can we solve this problem?

How to Use Two-Factor Authentication With the ownCloud Desktop Client or Mobile Apps

owncloud two-factor authentication android client

With recent news of data breaches and cracked accounts, we’re glad about ownCloud’s focus on security. How you can benefit from it? Combine OAuth2 with Two-Factor Authentication to protect your account from hackers!

All Your Passwords, Everywhere – With a Secure Password Manager in ownCloud

ownCloud best secure password manager passman keepass

Weak passwords are one of the main reasons for successful hacking attacks – password managers can protect you. With ownCloud, you can even share your passwords between devices.

ownCloud Android 2.10.0 Release – Thanks to the Community!

ownCloud Android app release

How can the ownCloud Android app be even more convenient? The best way to improve the app is by the users, for the users. The new release brings you many community contributions.

How ownCloud Contributes to the Open Source Ecosystem

ownCloud contribution puzzles

Open Source projects live from collaboration. Developers with diverse experiences share their know-how to improve the code for everyone. How do ownClouders contribute?

Be the First to Test New Android Features – Become an ownCloud Beta Tester in Just 2 Steps!

ownCloud Android app release

With 2.10.0, we will bring a lot of new interface improvements to the Android app. You can already check them out in the beta release. Grab it while it’s hot!

ownCloud Server 10.1 Release – A Big Step Forward in Digital Collaboration

ownCloud 10 server release

What is the next step towards the future of online collaboration? This version of ownCloud brings new light to the way people are working together. A modern workplace with new tools moves teamwork to the next level.

Something Missing in the ownCloud Documentation? Then Contribute!

ownCloud documentation contribute

The ownCloud documentation helps every ownCloud user. Users, admins, and developers use it daily to find information. However, what many people don’t know is that everyone can also edit the documentation!

Desktop Client 2.5.3 Release – Thanks for Your Feedback!

ownCloud Client 2.5.2 release

Client development is an ongoing process – driven by the community. Thanks to user feedback there is a new desktop release! Upgrade now to get the latest changes.