Florian Lenz


Florian Lenz works at ownCloud and as a freelancer. He's kind of jack-of-all-trades in online marketing, website concepts, programming and analyzing and design.


ownCloud event CS3 2019

CS3 2019

17.12.2018 by Florian Lenz

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ownCloud Newsletter
ownCloud imprint


05.03.2018 by Florian Lenz

ownClouds imprint and legal notices

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ownCloud older versions
ownCloud translation 100 languages
ownCloud events archive
ownCloud imprint


13.12.2017 by Florian Lenz

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ownCloud Software offers multiple Release Channels
A person holding two paintbrushes, their hands dirty with color.
ownCloud documentation contribute
ownCloud - join the developing community
ownCloud promotion
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ownCloud - Enterprise File Sharing made easy
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