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Evert Pot
I work at Yelp now!
April 21, 2017


In a twisted turn of events, I suddenly find myself to be working for Yelp! It sounds a bit like it was a surprise, and it kind of was. Only 6 months after I started my job at Turnstyle, it got acquired by Yelp.

I would joke “I must have done something right”, but the truth is that I work with some extremely smart and genuine people, who totally earned this.

Working for a much larger company like Yelp will be a huge adventure, and a massive experience to learn from, so I feel really lucky to have jumped on this chance at just the right moment. I can’t wait to build great things with an army of smart people.

And who knows, maybe I’ll get to see a bit more of San Francisco in the future!

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We have a new ownCloud server maintenance release – say Hi to 9.1.5!
April 21, 2017

The community and our developers are working hard to improve ownCloud every day. This small post shall notify you of the biggest changes:

  • We worked around rate limit issues from the google drive API – they accept only limited requests per minute to avoid API DOS, so we had to slow down our requests. This improves stability and performance of GDrive external storage.
  • To improve performance, we solved some performance problems, for example
    • LDAP quota behavior inconsistencies
    • useless database queries when using LDAP
  • And for the crypto enthusiasts, link shares now work correctly when using master key encryption.


Of course not only Version 9.1. got a new number at the end – the changes also went into 2 of the older Versions, so you can now upgrade also to the new versions 9.0.9 and 8.2.11. You should note though, that 8.2 reaches end of life at the end of may – you should begin planning an upgrade to a newer version of ownCloud.

Thank you all for your contribution! You make ownCloud better every single day.

For the full changelog, visit the central.

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Evert Pot
A small update about sabre/dav and baikal maintenance.
April 16, 2017

Hi there! My name is Evert, and for the past 10 years I’ve probably done around 90-95% of development for the sabre/* packages, and took over Baikal development last year.

After this time, it all became a little bit too much for me to maintain these. I wrote a blog post about this. This post is a follow-up that I’m cross-posting on both my own blog and sabre.io.

I want to start with a THANK YOU! So many people have written in with support and understanding, and told me about how these libraries have helped them out in the past. It was heartwarming and also bittersweet.

Support for sabre/* and Baikal

I was asked what’s going to happen with future support for these projects. If you read my post, the only answer I can give you is: “I don’t know”.

I’m no longer doing maintenance aside from an occasional bugfix when I feel like it, but I’m no longer giving any guarantees. It’s really completely up to you.

If you’re a corporation and rely on the sabre/* projects, and you’re also willing to invest in this, drop me a line. If there’s a few businesses like yours, it might just be enough to setup a small foundation and hire a person to continue working on this and I’m willing to help in setting this up.

So far there’s been no serious offers of this sort, so your best bet might be to understand the sabre/* source (it’s not as hard as you think) and treat the same way as in-house developed code.

A few have offered to just pay me to work on specific things. I appreciate this, but one-off projects don’t make a lot of sense for me and one of my biggest issues has always been finding time, not money.

For those of you that are developers and interested in taking over maintenance, I would just want to say: do it! You don’t need my permission or blessing.

The packages are on github, you can submit pull requests and there’s also lots of open, unanswered support questions. If over time the quality of your contributions is high, I’m super open to just hand over control of the repositories you’re interested in.

Someone also asked “is there going to be a fork?”, which I found a hilarious question to receive because obviously I wouldn’t be very interested in this idea. If you’re thinking of forking though, consider the fact that you can also contribute to the main project and benefit from the positive reputation the project already has.

Some small next steps

At this point I shut down the mailing list and the comments section on sabre.io. Support questions come in through both of these channels, and without anyone to monitor these, it seems better that they’re gone. Go to github, there’s more eyes there.

I’m also turning off github notifications for all of these projects. If you really need to get a hold of me, email me or mention @evert on github.

Perhaps in time someone else will post a happy update here announcing a new maintainer and renewed interest.

Until then, I’m sorry I’m letting you down and thanks to the hundreds of people that have supported me! Keep an eye on evertpot.com if you’re curious what I’m up to next!

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ownCloud-Hackathons are spreading. Get involved!
April 10, 2017

Do you have fun with creative coding? Do you like meeting fellow hackers? Are you interested in improving the code we all breathe everyday?

Hackathons are wonderful events and the core of the open source community. You can try to wrap your mind around new concepts and learn to approach problems creatively. You write terrible and not-so-terrible code and over all, meet interesting people and make new connections until the Mate storage is dried up.

Two interesting hackathons took place throughout the last week: at April 1st students of the AG Open Source gathered in Nuremberg, and community people from Thessaloniki met at April 8th in a friend’s pastry job with fast internet to improve the ownCloud software.

They spent their time well and put lots of effort into ownCloud – so the next time you use ownCloud or contribute to it, think of your fellow community, sitting at the other end of the long fiber cable, writing the code you build upon!

Thanks to the Nuremberg students and the folks from greece for their amazing work and their contributions!

Thessaloniki hackathon translating ownCloud. CC0 Public Domain.
Students at an ownCloud hackathon at the Georg-Simon-Ohm TH. Published with permission.

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Efstathios Iosifidis
ownCloud hackathon report, Thessaloniki-Greece, April 8th 2017
April 10, 2017

It's been a long time since we last had an ownCloud meeting in Greece. We decided to do a hackathon. The idea was to finish the translation so next time we'll meet to play with installation, containers etc.

We gathered on April 8th 2017 at a friend's pastry shop (Mpezes). We created a facebook event to post everything and also a telegram group to chat for those who translate from home.

The reason we've chosen to host it there is obvious :-).
Couple of points to add value are the fiber optic FAST internet, friendly environment and finally the ownCloud cookies (see picture).

Sample cookie

Cookies for all

Let's focus to our work on hackathon. We started at 11am and we stayed until 9pm. We wanted people who work in the morning, to join us in the afternoon. Unfortunately no one came but that wasn't a problem for us.

As you probably know, the translation is hosted on Transifex. We all decided to skip the files that has to do with the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone because those apps aren't free to download and use. A user has to pay to download them.

Anyways, we focused on other files. The result was more than 150 strings translated.

Let's see the files that left to translate:

- Calendar: 13 untranslated
- Client: 63 untranslated
- files_paperhive: 2 untranslated
- files_sharing: 4 untranslated
- lib: 17 untranslated
- news: 4 untranslated
- passwords: 108 untranslated
- richdocuments: 13 untranslated
- settings: 31 untranslated
- twofactor_totp: 1 untranslated
- user_ldap: 7 untranslated

So 263 more strings to finish. The translation isn't over. We continue until we finish it (maybe during the week, although it's Holly weed for us).

Let's see some pictures.

Me and Alex

Me and Alex

Making of ...

Group picture

Selfie but this is called groupie...

Cookie eyes

Cookie and my gecko...

Cookie nose and my gecko...

And some cartoon fun...

Alex Mouhtsis...

Cookie and my gecko...

Cookie and my gecko...

I would like to thank Dimitris Katsikas for the pictures.

If you liked the cookies, you can download and 3d print the cutter from here. Thank you Juergen.

Here the post at ownCloud central.

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