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The Practical ownCloud Conference Guide
August 27, 2015

Testing devices at a hackathon in StuttgartParticipating in the ownCloud Conference? In this blog you can find all the practical information you need to know. If you can’t make it – check out our live stream!

The ownCloud Contributor Conference is just a couple of days away and we’re excited to welcome all of the participants in Berlin. To make this experience as easy and enjoyable as possible we’d like to give you a little guide with all the practical information around the conference.

All detailed information can also be found on the website!

What You Need to Know

So let’s get started. Here’s a short summary of things that you need to know:

  • Please register in advance for the conference. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be done on our site.
  • On arrival, make sure to pick up your badge and food tickets at the entrance of the »Mathematik« building. Carrying your badge is mandatory, especially after 18:00 and on the weekend!
    Frida and Monday-Thursday the registration booth will be on the 6th floor of the building – just follow the signs.
  • WiFi is provided and can be used with a Guest Account. During registration you will receive credentials after you’ve given your name and email address. Many rooms also offer network cables and (EU-) power plugs.
  • As you know, the conference will feature a Hackathon as well as a wide range of talks, workshops and networking opportunities. You can find the full conference schedule here.
  • We organized a “Starters Room” (MA642) for anyone who is looking for somebody to talk to about a specific person or who is just new to the ownCloud world. Another reserved room is for “Scheduled Meetings” in case you want to discuss specific topics with relevant people. You can find the details for the scheduled meetings here. Note that all meetings are open – join any subject you’re interested in!
  • Find more info on what’s where and what’s what, as well as ways to find out who’s who on our info page.

Coding in progress

After Work

Of course the conference is not all about work – we want you to enjoy your time in Berlin. Use the opportunity to explore this vibrant city with its 3.5 million inhabitants. It is not only the capital and biggest city of Germany, but also one of Europe’s major hotspots. Berlin is considered a world city of culture, politics, media, and science for good reason.

Interested in exploring the city? We have created a wikipage with tips for non-conference entertainment. There is of course also a lot of information at Wikipedia on Berlin and Wiki Travel on Germany, on Berlin and WikiVoyage on Berlin.

So, enjoy the conference, build some awesome stuff and have fun, we’re excited to see all of you in Berlin!

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ownCloud Desktop Client 2.0 is out with Multi Account Support and More
August 25, 2015

Selecting folders to sync
Selecting folders to sync

Version 2.0.0 of the ownCloud Desktop Sync Client has been released today. It introduces multi-account support, large folder sync confirmation and more features. Your client will automatically update and packages for your Linux distribution are be available as well. Read on for some highlights of this release!

Major new features

The brand new sync client offers a redesigned user interface to allow for the biggest new feature: multi-account support. This allows users to add more than one ownCloud server to their client, each of them assigned separate folders. If you have a private and a work ownCloud server, this is immensely helpful. As with previous releases, for each account you can select multiple remote folders to synchronize with specific local folders and within each, check what sub folders you want to sync locally.

Another important feature allows users to determine the behavior when new large directories appear on server side sync folder. While selective sync allows a user to choose to not sync a folder, when a folder is shared it is first synced before this decision can be made by the user. This could result in a full drive if the folder is big. We have fixed this problem with a new feature: sync threshold sizes.

Configuring max folder size
Configuring max folder size

With version 2 of the sync client the user can set a threshold size on any desktop above which a new folder will not be synced automatically to the desktop – and this is for any folder, not just shared folders. If a user wants to have a new folder above the threshold synced, they just use the selective sync check box and the files and folders will be synced. For example, say the user has set the size to 750MB. If a new folder is added that is larger than 750MB, a notification will pop up. The user will then have to specifically checkmark the folder to have it synced. This threshold size is editable by the user, can be set to 0 or greater, and can be set to different thresholds on each desktop client.

And more

There have been a number of other changes. Some are platform-specific like support for longer path names on Windows and native Finder integration for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Both platforms now also support not syncing hidden files. The improved progress reporting during sync will benefit users on all platforms, as will the automatic limit setting for download bandwidth throttling. Last but not least, there have been many smaller performance and stability improvements in the client.

You can grab the latest version from owncloud.org/install.

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Interested in Mobile Development for ownCloud? We’re at the Conference!
August 24, 2015

IMAG0995Friday this week the ownCloud Contributor Conference will be kicking off. Among the many ownCloud developers, there are the people working on ownCloud’s Android and iOS clients. Our repositories have been very busy lately, with especially the Android client getting many cool new features and improvements from new contributors. If you are also interested in improving these apps for your own and others’ benefit, this is a good time to get started!


During Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th the mobile teams will give a number of talks and workshops. On Saturday, a session about the Android app is included among the first lightning talks, and on Sunday the iOS app will also be covered in a short talk.

On Sunday, from 4:45pm to 5:30pm, the iOS and Android teams will both be giving workshops. See the Sunday schedule.

Material design WIP
Material design WIP

In Between

This isn’t all, of course. The ownCloud conference is a hands-on event, meant to bring people with common interests together. During the weekend afternoons, as well as during the rest of the week (until September 3), we will all gather in the hacking rooms. You’ll be able to find the mobile teams there as well and there will be signs on the tables so you can find who is working on what. There you can get together, ask questions and work on code. If you are new to hackathons, or simply are looking for the right person to talk to, we have a dedicated ‘starters room,’ where you can ask about who can help with what. There is also a separate meeting room where several topics are scheduled, open for anybody to join.

Github is where we have the code for the iOS and Android apps. There you can ping developers by @mentioning them. You can also ask questions on IRC and on our mailing list. During the conference IRC can be an easy way of finding people – ask what you’re looking for and look up the t-shirt of the person who identified him/herself as being able to help you!

Find more practical information on our conference information page. We look forward to your code as well as your thoughts.

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Follow the ownCloud Contributor Conference from anywhere – with our Live-Stream
August 20, 2015

ownCloud Contributor Conference Group PictureIt’s time again – the ownCloud Contributor Conference is just about here. For one week, the ownCloud Community from around the globe will gather in Berlin to code, design, discuss, talk & have fun. Packed with Techtalks, Workshops and a Hackathon, the ownCloud Contributor Conference is the place to be for all things related to ownCloud. It is your chance to learn about the latest developments & features, network with other ownClouders and partners, get to know the creative minds behind the ownCloud software, and share ideas with like-minded people.

ownCloud is a worldwide project and our community consists of members from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately not everybody will have the chance to attend the Contributor Conference in Berlin. But here’s the good news – we will not only record the conference, but will also provide a live stream for everybody to join. You will be able to follow the talks and interviews in real-time from the comfort of … wherever you are.

Live-Stream Program

The streaming will kick off with the keynotes at 10 in the morning and run all the way until the talks finish at 1pm Berlin time. As that is very early for our US community, we have planned to talk to many of the speakers in a number of interviews in the afternoon, starting at 4pm CET (10am EDT / 7am PDT).

    10:15 – 10:45 (CEST) Keynote by Angela Richter How artists can help create awareness of technological dangers
    11:00 – 11:30 (CEST) Keynote by Frank Karlitschek Frank on where we’re taking ownCloud
    12:00 – 12:45 (CEST) Lightning talks part 1 12 lightning talks by and for ownCloud Contributors
    1pm – 4pm (CEST) break At the conference we have lunch and the start of workshops and hacking sessions
    4pm – 6pm (CEST) Live stream restarts with interviews and conversations Notable ownCloud contributors and conference keynoters to review the morning announcements and provide some color, live!

To give you an overview of the full ownCloud Contributor Conference, you can find the agenda and schedule here.

All details on how to join the ownCloud Conference Live-Stream will be provided here on this page within the next few days. Stay tuned, we’re excited to make you a part of this unique experience!

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