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ownCloud Earned Members Choice Award From Linux Questions
February 11, 2016

Many people are looking for a safe home for their data and ownCloud provides this for millions of users! The yearly Linux Questions Members Choice Awards 2015 vote for the fresh new Open Source Cloud Solution of the Year category reflected this fact in a massive win for ownCloud.

While not the most contentious of awards (ownCloud won with a resounding 75% of the votes!), cloud technology matters and we’re proud that ownCloud featured prominently in the results. For next year, we’d love to see a wider range of solutions to choose from and, perhaps, a split between solutions with an end user focus like ownCloud and those more aiming for infrastructure technology, like OpenStack and Eucalyptus.

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ownCloud Desktop and Android Client Updates
February 10, 2016

Android client showing share dialog
Android client
Today, we published an update to the ownCloud Android client which introduces improved file upload handling and UI improvements; and an update to the ownCloud Desktop client bringing updated HiDPI support, networking improvements and better syncing. Get your updates now and keep your data safely at home!

Android Changes

The most notable improvements in the Android client are related to handling file uploads. Thanks to hard work by several community members, some changes were merged which help avoid file duplication and when uploading files, users can choose how to deal with duplication. Other changes were made to the user interface, allowing different views to be selected per folder (grid or list) and some visual improvements related to Material Design. The share dialog now allows you to determine what permissions to give to the people you share with. And last but not least, a battery drain issue has been resolved.

The full Android client change log:

  • Set and edit permissions on internal shared data
  • Instant uploads: avoid file duplications, set policy in app settings
  • Control duplication of files uploaded via ‘Upload’ button
  • Select view mode: either list or grid per folder
  • More Material Design: buttons and checkboxes
  • Fixed battery drain in automatic synchronization
  • Security fixes related to passcode
  • Wording fixes

Grab the latest Android client from the Play store. Find other stores here.

Desktop Client Changes

The desktop client will now work better on high resolution screens and the overlay icons in various file managers have received some improvements.  Network handling was improved and users can now change the upload chunk size if needed in the configuration file.

ownCloud Desktop Client in action
Desktop Client

The full Desktop Client change log:

  • UI improvements for HiDPI screens, error messages, RTL languages
  • Fix occurences of “Connection Closed” when a new unauthenticated TCP socket is used
  • Fix undeliberate WiFi scanning done by Qt Network classes
  • Several fixes/improvements to the sharing dialog
  • Several fixes/improvements to the server activity tab
  • Create the directory when using –confdir and it does not exist
  • Windows Overlay icons: Fix DLL and icon oddities
  • Mac Overlay icons: Don’t install legacy Finder plugin on >= 10.10
  • Linux Overlay icons: Nemo plugin
  • Overlay icons: Fix several wrong icon state computations
  • Allow changeable upload chunk size in owncloud.cfg
  • Crash fixes on account deletion
  • Forget password on explicit sign-out
  • OS X: Fix the file system watcher ignoring unicode paths (#4424)
  • Windows Installer: Update to NSIS 2.50, fixes possible DLL injection
  • Sync Engine: .lnk files
  • Sync Engine: symlinked syn directories
  • Sync Engine: Windows: Fix deleting and replacing of read-only files (#4308, #4277)
  • Sync Engine: Fixes for files becoming directories and vice versa (#4302)
  • Misc other fixes/improvements

Get the new client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Jos Poortvliet
Why use ZIP instead of TAR?
February 3, 2016

I've been asked recently why ownCloud zipps its files instead of tarring them. .tar preserves file permissions, for one, and with tar.gz or tar.bz2 you have compression too.

Good question. Let me start by noting that we actually have both: zip and tar.bz2. But why zip?

A long time ago and far, far away

In the beginning, we used tar.bz2. As ownCloud gained Windows Server support, we added zip. Once we dropped Windows support, we could have killed the zip files. But we had reasons not to: tar is, sadly, not perfect.

Issues with Tar

You see, tar isn't a single format or a 'real' standard. If you have a platform other than plain, modern Linux, think BSD or Solaris, or the weird things you can find on NAS devices, tar files can get you in trouble. Unlike zip, tar files also can have issues with character format support or deep folders. We've had situations where upgrades went wrong and during debugging we found that moving to zip solved the problem miraculously... And, as ownCloud, we're squarely focused on the practical user experience so we keep zip, alongside tar.bz2.

See also the GNU tar manual if you want to know more about the various tar formats and limitations.

Sadly, sometimes it is impossible to find one thing that works for everyone and in every situation.

Tarred turtle pic from wikimedia, Creative Commons license. Yes, that's a different tar, I know. But - save the turtles!

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Steffen Lindner
ownCloud Mail v0.3 released
February 3, 2016

We’re proud to announce the arrival of the next version of ownCloud Mail. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from Github.mail

We have merged more than 170 pull requests since version 0.2.1 – mostly JavaScript Refactoring and bugfixes.

Although the 0.3 release was planned as refactoring only, we have included some new features:

  • Image blocking
  • Inline images are directly shown
  • Speed up unified inbox
  • Better overall frontend performance

This release already supports ownCloud 9.0 which will be released next month. If you want to know what’s coming up in version 0.4 & 0.5 you’ll find more information in this blog post on owncloud.org.

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