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Justify my trip to ownCloud Contributors Conference 2016 in Berlin
August 22, 2016

Justify My Trip


Be Up-to-date and up-to-speed

The ownCloud Conference is the must-attend for users, sysadmins, developers and open source enthusiasts.

It provides developers with the opportunity to share their expertise, listen to the best in the field, learn best practices, see results in action and try out new ideas on server, mobile and desktop alongside the ownCloud ecosystem.

Range of talks
At the ownCloud conference you will always learn something new, whether it’s about exciting new technology developments that might impact your own company’s future, or service and product offerings available for developers. You will be most likely to find solutions and answers all around the ecosystem of ownCloud.

Meet the ownCloud Developers
The ownCloud Developers will of course be present and it is a good opportunity to get a hold of them and chat and / or code together and develop new features.

Expert help and business contacts
Meet other ownCloud Partners, the ownCloud support experts, and IT-professionals that have successfully buildt their businesses around the ownCloud ecosystem.

Key take-aways
With the knowledge gained, attendees of ownCloud conference will afterwards be able to help their companies to:

Develop and improve state of the art functionality around the ecosystem.
Add versatility, agility and stability to your product and use cases.
Speed up development
Be faster then your competition.
Last but not least, keep their developers happy and productive.

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