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Active contributors on the ownCloud blog roll:

Frank Karlitschek
project founder and maintainer, general architecture
Robin Appelman
back- & frontends, Music & Pictures app
Jan-Christoph Borchardt
interface & interaction design, user experience
Jakob Sack
Quality assurance
Bart Visscher
Calendar & Contacts app, Tasks app
Georg Ehrke
Calendar app
Michael Gapczynski
sharing, external storage
Tom Needham
Text editor, Data migration, ownCloud.org website, External API
Björn Schießle
Files app, Versions, Deleted Files, Encryption, Sharing
Florian Jacob
documentation, ownCloud.org website
Michael Grosser
demo installation
Brice Maron
Bookmarks app
Thomas Müller
ODF viewer
Klaas Freitag
Desktop syncing
Lukas Reschke
security team member, security reviews
Daniel Molkentin
Desktop syncing
Bernhard Posselt
documentation, Appframework, News app
Alessandro Cosentino
News app, GSoC student 2012, community
Thomas Tanghus
Contacts app
Jörn Friedrich Dreyer
oracle, search
Morris Jobke
role Music app, GSoC student 2013
Arthur Schiwon
LDAP backend, UCS integration and packaging, this and that
Adam Pigg
Blackberry ownNews News Client
Raghu Nayyar
Front-end, User Management, Files, GSoC 2013, Community.
Aditya Patawari
community and ownCloud book
Steffen Lindner
Quality assurance
Mark Ziegler
forum guy, translator and issue reporter
Vincent Petry
Jos Poortvliet
Community Manager
Volkan Gezer
GSoC Student 2014, Turkish translator
Efstathios Iosifidis
Ambassador and Greek translator
Lyndsey Jane Moulds
OPW intern for ownCloud
Tobia De Koninck
Chat app developer
Christian Weiske
develops the ownCloud Tomboy note sync app grauphel
Ruchita Rathi
OPW participant 2014
Evert Pot
sabre/dav developer
Robin McCorkell
Filesystem layer, external storage app, user layer, Mail, performance
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