Hold the date: Sept 9 - 15 2016, Berlin

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Annually bringing ownCloud Contributors from around the world together for a week of coding, design, discussion, talks & fun.

We rocked #ownCloudConf 2015!

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The ownCloud Contributor Conference 2015 is over and was awesome. We welcomed about 140 ownClouders at the TU Berlin for a week of writing code and sharing beer, knowledge and inspiration.


During the keynote on Saturday we announced the following awesome news items:

Read our blog about the announcements here.

We published a overview of the event in this blog.



For the fourth time, the awesominals behind ownCloud get together at the TU Berlin for a week of writing code and sharing beer, knowledge and inspiration. Work will get done:

  • Coding (PHP, JS, C++)
  • Design & Front-end
  • Testing
  • Translation & Documentation
  • Marketing & Promo

Read our blog on the ownCloud Contributor Conference 2015 to get a feeling of the conf.

Techtalks & Workshops

We will also have a program with talks and workshops to provide a chance to learn and improve coding skills on and around ownCloud.
Examples from last year include:

We will publish a Call for Papers in Q2 2016

This is a hands-on event. Bring your laptop!

Coverage 2015

Media Partners 2015

Last year

The ownCloud Contributor Conference 2015 brought 140 ownClouders to Berlin. Read our blog to learn more and watch the 2015 talks on our youtube channel.

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The event is made possible thanks to the generous donation of the location by the Technische Universität Berlin and the financial and practical support of ownCloud Inc.

Spread the word!

You can help us promote the event! Our official hashtag is #owncloudconf - find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Find some promo materials here.