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ownCloud is driven by our awesome community. See how you can help to spread the word and join the gang.

Does ownCloud make your daily life easier? What problems does it solve for you? You protect and appreciate the right to privacy? Then spread the word! We love to hear about your story. Our channels are wide open for your input:


You’ll find us on twitter: @ownclouders. Make sure to mention us if you tweet about ownCloud, we will gladly give you a retweet or a comment. You may also use the hashtag #ownCloud. Due to the 280 character handicap we can’t offer any support via twitter; so if you need help, please open a topic at central.owncloud.org.


@ownClouders is the name under which you find us on Facebook. Share your Photos, Stories and Comments with us! We use Facebook for some informal conversation and announcements, but can’t offer support via Facebook. If you need our help, please open a topic at central.owncloud.org.


If you have a quick question for the developers or want to chat with others from the community, you best join our Rocketchat instance at talk.owncloud.com. You can login with your GitHub account.

IRC Chat

You also find us on the IRC Channel #owncloud on irc.freenode.net(Webchat)


central.owncloud.org is our main community channel. If you want to meet the community, Central is where you would like to go. Most of our developers can also be met here. So, feel free to submit your questions, support cases to get a helping hand from the community. We also love to hear about your success stories. Or learn about your special use case. Or just get some praise for our great product.


If you – more or less often – mention ownCloud in your blog, we would gladly add you to our Planet ownCloud. Planet ownCloud is RSS-driven. Please supply us with your blog or feed URL to get it added. As we are responsible for the content published there, we have an editorial process to review your input. This review may take some time, so please be patient if your post does not show up immediately. If we find something interesting on your site, we will contact you and ask for permission of redistribution via Planet ownCloud.

Give a talk

If you like to share your experience on a conference or a meetup we encourage you to give a talk. If you are interested let us know and send us a message so we can talk about details. We’re looking forward hearing from you.

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