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ownCloud Mobile App for iOS

In order to allow contributions, the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS is licensed under GPLv3 as of November 20th 2014.

At this time GPLv3 is incompatible to the terms and conditions Apple, sometimes together with 3rd party vendors, enforces on you as additional restrictions if you like to publish the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS or any derivatives thereof in the Apple Store, any Apple Enterprise Program, Enterprise Mobile Device Management Systems or the Beta Test program.

While you can use the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS in the iOS simulator on your Mac System, this is often not sufficient for development and testing purposes.

Therefore we do grant, as sole copyright holder, a license exception to the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS restricted to users of the „Ad Hoc Provisioning“ method provided by Apple to Apple Developer Account holders.
You are allowed to distribute the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS and any derivates thereof to up to 100 iOS devices using this method.
In this case the ownCloud Mobile App for iOS will be governed by the license terms Apple provides to you and such device users.

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