We need testers for an important linux client update!


Our Community is making progress with the linux client, as we adapt to better foundations. With the move from the system‘s Qt to shipping our own qt5.6.2, the client will rely on less unpredictable libraries in the future. This will fix a lot of underlying problems we had to work around in the past.

But this big step has to be accompanied by extended testing, so we can assure, that no one will end up with broken software. For this, we need your help.

Download the release candidate, install it on a virtual testing environment, and check if everything works after your liking – and if something breaks, report the bug back to us. Only this way we can ensure, that everyone has nice software at the end of the day.

We also fixed an issue with big file uploading and oC 10.x, you can take a look at the full changelog here. Discuss this release on Central.

Thanks for your contribution!

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