Want to add a feature to the ownCloud iOS app? Now you can!

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Today ownCloud Inc. announced that the development of the ownCloud iOS Mobile App would be opened for contributions! While still bound by Apple’s rules, you can look at the source code, hack on it, compile it and test it on your devices under Apple’s iOS Developer Program. Most importantly, you can contribute your improvements back into the official app!

Improve the ownCloud iOS app

The iOS app is now available under a GPLv3 license and can be found on github. To make it easy to get involved, our awesome iOS team has tagged a series of issues as Junior Jobs and there is documentation to get you up and running. The legal notes can be found here and here.

The Android app continues to be available on github under the GPLv2 license, and also features Junior Jobs and documentation for those who want to find an easy way into the code.

Integrate ownCloud in your mobile app

If you’d like to build or adjust your own mobile app to integrate with ownCloud, iOS and Android mobile libraries are available under the MIT license. You can find information on the iOS library here and the Android library here.

5 Responses to “Want to add a feature to the ownCloud iOS app? Now you can!”

  1. Bas

    Hopefully someone will add the fingerprint ID and direct post to ownCloud option to the IOS app from ownCloud.
    Dropbox already did this so it is possible.

  2. Jos Poortvliet

    Some broken links are fixed!

  3. Swapnil Bhartiya

    Does Apple allow GPLed apps in the App Store?

  4. rakekniven

    Happy to announce this on our forums.
    Hopefully a lot of people will start contributing.

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