Try out the new Android 2.5.1 Beta App now!

Apart from the 10.0.4 release which will come soon, we also need testers for the new version of the Android app. You have the chance to try out fresh features, and at the same time, you can help other ownCloud users, by contributing to the quality of the ownCloud software with your bug reports.

With the new Android version, we will have a new camera uploads feature, that is going to replace the instant uploads. The user just has to select a camera folder, and the pictures and videos from the camera folder are uploaded automatically in a period of 15 minutes at most, focusing on reliability instead of immediacy and avoiding battery draining caused by excessive checking of the folder.

We also adjusted the app to work fine with Android O, so you can use some of the features of the new Android version with the ownCloud app, for example the notification categories, enabling you to configure separately the notifications for ownCloud uploads and downloads among others. If you are already waiting for this, one more reason to download the beta now on the play store! If you have a google-free android phone, you can also get it on F-Droid.

If you find a bug, please participate in one of these channels:

– Write a comment on this issue in Github:

– Open a new topic on central:

– Write to

The developers can take care of it and fix the bug for everyone. Positive feedback is highly appreciated too, of course. Just play around with it!

7 Responses to “Try out the new Android 2.5.1 Beta App now!”

  1. Alex Hales

    Thanks For the Sharing this Wonderfull article really appreciating this post keep sharing

  2. Tutuapp for Android

    Thanks For Sharing this Wonderfull article really appreciating this post keep sharing
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  3. TutuApp

    I installed it from Google Play link provided here. It worked fine for few time but now the ownCloud app will only show me white blank screen at startup and automatically close itself after few seconds. Can totally understand the app is in Beta just wanted to point out the bug 🙂

  4. Tutuapp

    Just installed ownCloud app. Works very fine. Thanks for the update 🙂

  5. Stephen Fosu

    Please what about those of us who uses windows phone. Thanks

    • Showbox

      As you might already know most companies have stopped releasing any new update to their Windows Phone app. It’s highly unlikely that ownCloud will release an app for Windows Phone Stephen. It’s time for an upgrade to Android or iOS 🙂

  6. WU KONG


    Is it possible for android application to have a way to upload multiple folders at once from phone device to owncloud server? I think current app can only upload one or multiple files within same folder. Adding “Select all” feature to upload list view will be very nice too. Thanks.


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