This year‘s FrOSCon was awesome!

As we already announced, we have been at the FrOSCon 2017 and had an exciting weekend with the versatile open source community.

When we were still on our way to Bonn, we received the first notice about the ownCloud booth. Cornelius Kölbel from NetKnights had already started building it up with the first roll-up – before we even arrived! He is always sneaking in some nice security stuff, just like that one time when he wrote this guest post about End-to-End-Encryption.

We exchanged experiences with other open source projects, and listened to a lot of talks about what’s new in the world of free and open source software. You can look at them at, all of them have been recorded.

This set an inspiring foundation for the discussions at our booth. We have spent the weekend talking to a lot of interesting people discussing questions about the ownCloud universe.

Thanks to the FrOSCon orga team for organizing this awesome conference!

They set the bar high for our very own ownCloud Conference, taking place in a month. btw, have you already registered? There will be a lot to learn about what else ownCloud is capable of! See you in September!

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