The ownCloud beta client is coming to the fdroid repository for easier testing!

Lots of you already installed the ownCloud desktop testing client, and are helping us finding the bugs we need to fix.

The same is now coming for the android client, or better said, for the popular fdroid repository, where you can easily download open source apps (for free, of course). If you don’t want to rely on the Google Play Store to download your apps and fancy Open Source software, fdroid is a viable alternative.

So, my thanks to Schabi, who took over maintaining the beta client on fdroid!

Some issues are already fixed in the beta client, which are not yet in the stable version. Problems with Instant Upload, which some people had with Android 6 and Android 7, should be fixed in the beta client. If you are affected by this, you should probably install the beta.

A new feature made it into the beta, too – private links (a.k.a. local links) will soon be supported in the android client, and are available in the top right corner of the share view. Installing the beta is a good chance to try this out!

Open Source software thrives only with a strong community. Making the source code transparent enables other people to help making software more stable and reliable. That’s why we want to give you our beta client easily, so you can already use the brand-new stuff and our daily improvements, and if you stumble over bugs, errors and security holes, you can report them on, or write a mail to For this purpose you can view the logs in the client and post them in github issues.

Let’s make ownCloud better for everyone!

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