Strong Growth for ownCloud Business in the first half of 2017

Dear ownClouders,


you might ask yourself why the business side of ownCloud is of interest for you, so here are some reasons.


  • The company makes it possible for many developers to work full time on ownCloud, organize ownCloud events, promote ownCloud to a wider audience and support companies, governments and schools with their single instance or very scalable ownCloud deployments.


  • The complete ownCloud Ecosystem profits of the heavy investment of the ownCloud GmbH into QA, engineering, product management and it’s collaboration with customers and users of the worldwide research community. Our dedication to deliver the most robust product deployed to instances with millions of users ensures on the other hand that your home/virtual server receives the same robust, rock solid software for you private usage.
  • Thanks to the continuous support of our customers, partners and contributors we were able to increase our technical workforce since one year ago and it is time to give you another update on what is going on at the ownCloud GmbH:



Today we can proudly announce that in the first half of 2017 our order intakes have seen a steep increase of more than 65% when compared to the previous year. In German-speaking countries, growth was even significantly higher with a growth rate at over 100%. In the first half of the year, more than 100 companies signed new, many multi-year, subscription contracts for the ownCloud solution. We see an increasing demand for really secure but easy to use private cloud solutions as the main driver for this growth.  The most prominent new customers are coming mostly from the technology and financial services sectors.


This strong and stable growth shows that the developers of ownCloud continue to do an excellent job and that our focus on data sharing in the private cloud as a secure alternative to public cloud services meets market requirements. The secret to success lies in the combination of outstanding software and a qualified, professional service. This is also reflected in an outstanding renewal rate. Over 90% of our customers are renewing their contracts with us year over year. We are very pleased that we are also seeing an increasing demand in the international markets, especially in the US. This will help us to accelerate our pace of growth in the upcoming months.

Company Growth

To optimally support the rapidly growing number of customers, many departments within ownCloud have been expanded, with the development department having the most significant growth. We are moving this month to our new office also located in Nuremberg, with more than the double size of our current office, prepared for additional people.  In the last six months, our team has grown by 40% to now over 50 employees in order to keep up with the pace of development and to be able to quickly serve individual customer requirements. Our customers rely on trustworthy support, which is an essential part of our value proposition.

ownCloud 10.0.3

Version 10.0.3 of ownCloud X is announced to release in the next few weeks and contains more than 500 closed issues and new innovations.

Although the complexity of ownClouds database queries has increased alongside the development of the product, we take pride in saying: ownCloud 10.0.3 will be the most performant, robust and stable ownCloud release ever. As of today, we are looking forward to the release, finalizing the last bits with our QA and your help!

Jobs and the ownCloud Conference 2017

We are constantly on the lookout for further top developers who are looking to join the ownCloud family and step up from the occasional patch and help to dedicate also their professional life to our goals and last but not least:

We are looking forward to see you soon in Nuremberg at the ownCloud conference 2017,





Tobias, Holger and Harry.


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