Sharing Taken To The Next Level: Clients Introduce Sharing With ownCloud Users and Groups

file manager share dialog
file manager share dialog

Today ownCloud users on all platforms will find a new version of their sync client in the app store. The desktop, Android, and iOS clients have all received a major update with support to directly share with other users or groups on your ownCloud server. In addition to this major feature, the mobile clients have introduced new folder syncing options and the desktop client, a new activity tab showing what happens to your files. Read on to find out what else is new and how this will impact your use of ownCloud!

Platform Integration for Sharing

The goal of ownCloud is to give you access to your documents, movies, pictures and other data wherever you are. While the web interface brings considerable flexibility and portability, you often work with documents and pictures on your desktop or mobile devices by using dedicated applications. The sync clients allow you to keep your existing work flow, seamlessly syncing the files in your work folders on your desktop or automatically uploading pictures you’ve taken on your phone to your ownCloud server.

Android client showing share dialog
Share Dialog

The new ownCloud Desktop Client extends the ‘Share with ownCloud’ menu in supported file managers on all three platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). The fresh share dialog adds to the public link sharing with expiration date and password features, introducing the ability to directly share to groups or users on your ownCloud Server. As we work and share more online than ever before, it is important that this integration makes sharing and collaboration a breeze.

The mobile clients similarly introduce new share dialogs where names and groups from your ownCloud are suggested when you start typing. The Android client also introduces public link functionality with password and expiration settings. All clients can detect if a server admin has enabled sharing and act accordingly.

More Features and Details

Adding to the new server integration, the desktop client now shows activity from the server in a separate tab, this way you can see who shared pictures with you or when documents were modified.

The android client adds the ability to fully synchronize a folder two-way, something which can be set manually on any folder you like. Note that this, for now, only synchronizes (up- and downloading) when you select the folder in the user interface of the client, not in the background. The client now also shows thumbnails in the ‘Details’ view and introduces some other minor tweaks like using ownCloud colors in the notifications and triggering the media scanner after uploads.

side bar
Like the sidebar introduced in ownCloud 8.2, the desktop client now also provides an overview of what is going on in your ownCloud.
iOS sync and download options
sync & download

The iOS client enables users to set specific folders as a ‘favorite,’ which ensures these will always be available offline and fully up to date. This means full background syncing! You can also choose to fully download a single folder once and there is now a full screen preview for documents on the iPad.

Besides these updates, there have also been various performance improvements and stability fixes in all clients.

Grab your client updates now:


The full change logs

ownCloud Desktop Client 2.1

  • Sharing with internal users and groups
  • New activity tab for showing server-side activities
  • UI improvements in account status tab
  • A ton of bugfixes
  • Polishing the multi-account feature that was introduced in 2.0
  • Performance improvements in file discovery

ownCloud Android Client 1.9

  • Share privately with users or groups in your server
  • Share by link with password protected and/or expiration time
  • Fully synchronize a folder in two ways (manually)
  • Management of server capabilities to detect whether share is enable or not by the admin
  • Fingerprints in untrusted certificate dialog
  • Thumbnail shown in details view
  • Added OC color to notifications
  • Fixed video preview
  • Fix A..Z sorting with accents
  • Error message shown when no app can “open with” a file
  • Fixed relative date in some languages
  • Media scanner is triggered after uploads

ownCloud iOS Client 3.4.6

  • Share privately with users or groups in your server
  • Set folder as favorite so that it’s content is always downloaded and updated
  • Download a folder
  • Management of server capabilities to detect whether share is enable or not by the admin
  • Preview your documents on full screen on the iPad
  • Fixed an error on the video preview
  • Fixed error that requested credentials although having logged in previously

Please note that the ability to show groups and users depends on an API only included with ownCloud Server 8.2 and newer.

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  1. Luis


    We have recently tried the new desktop client 2.1 for windows 7 in order to use the new feature for sharing with internal users and groups. However, after we right-click the file we want to share and click “share with ownCloud” we can’t see the options to find users or groups. We only see the option to “share link”.

    We are connectiong to an Owncloud server 8.1.

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

    • Jos

      Hi Luis,

      It seems this is only available for ownCloud 8.2 and newer. I’ll update the blog!

  2. Manumérique

    Please, please we need this ownCloud client on Ubuntu Touch !

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