Schabi and ownCloud – a contributor’s story

Schabi's portraitToday we talked to Christian Schabensberger, a recent contributor to ownCloud, about his personal story with ownCloud, and how he started contributing.

Hi Schabi, what are you contributing to ownCloud?

I’ve created the OCBookmarks Android app for both Nextcloud and ownCloud.

How long have you been using ownCloud/Nextcloud in total, what did you start with?

I used Nextcloud first, for about a month. It was version 12.0.1 back then – after that I switched to ownCloud.

So what made you switch to ownCloud?

Having tried both, Nextcloud felt a little like ownCloud in the earlier days. I had the feeling that some of the bugs that existed back then still exist in Nextcloud. All in all ownCloud now feels more elaborate.

Some examples?

1. When I tried to reimport some of my contacts as vCards into my contact storage, nothing happened. I read the log and googled a little, and found out that I should have created an address book before I could add those contacts. Nothing told me there was no existing contact book or I should create one.

2. When I was able to add contacts it took a really long time, and some failed to be imported at all, so I had to get through the whole contact list and see which were not imported.

Both worked immediately on ownCloud 10.

3. When I tried to import calendar data, Nextcloud didn’t show anything until the import was completed. So you would only hope that Nextcloud is importing the files properly in the background. ownCloud shows a loading bar there, so you at least get a little feedback.

4. Using Tasks with Nextcloud was pain, and that was the straw that broke the camels back. Updating tasks either via WebApp or Thunderbird was too slow. With Thunderbird it was only possible to make one action at a time. That means I could delete one task, but than I had to wait a while until anything would happen.

Tasks on android is always a pain even under ownCloud, but this seems to be a problem with openTasks, and DAVdroid.

5. When developing the android app OCBookmarks I used to cooperate with some devs of Nextcloud who created the bookmarks app for Nextcloud. They added an API to sync bookmarks (which ownCloud didn’t have by then). However they had an interesting way of developing a REST API.

They introduced their second version of the API as v2. Then from one version to another 0.10.0 -> 0.10.1 they suddenly changed the API, but still made it available as v2, which broke my app.

What is your favorite ownCloud app?

Hard to tell, I need all of them, although I miss a note taking app and a KeeWeb app to open .kdbx files in the browser.

You have a few projects on your own, right? Anything to recommend?

Yes, apart from developing the OCBookmarks app for Android, I wrote NewPipe, a Youtube frontend for Android, several other smaller projects, and help to release the Beta version of the ownCloud Android app on F-Droid.

The community thanks you for your contributions!


Schabi giving a talk about NewPipe
Schabi giving a talk about NewPipe

3 Responses to “Schabi and ownCloud – a contributor’s story”

  1. Carl

    +1 for the pointless NextCloud bashing.
    Pointless interview as a whole. ‘Hello I’m the author of a GUI for an awkward, pre-alpha bookmarks module’ and 3/4 of my points are… slagging off an owncloud fork.

    • test

      Even if that could count as “NextCloud” bashing the 1st place still would go to NextCloud and its core developers and community members for ownCloud bashing. Sometimes it helps to “clean in front of the own door” before pointing to others.

  2. Paul

    Nice interview. Especially I want to use the opportunity to thank Schabi for NewPip, that’s a really nice app I use regularly. But I have to say that I don’t understand the NextCloud critique. I can’t judge all the points, but what I can definitely say is that NextCloud 12 shows a progress bar on calendar import. I know it because I use it myself. Stating obvious false facts makes you look really bad. Also if you look at the git history it looks like all the calendar development happens at NextCloud. 90% of the OwnCloud commits are either translations, or commits copied from NextCloud. The interview would have been much nicer and more serious if you would have skipped the pointless NextCloud bashing.


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