ownCloud Server 8.2 Comes Tomorrow, Help Spread the Word!

Tomorrow we release ownCloud Server 8.2! This release brings a large number of improvements and new features and we want as many users, system administrators and developers to know about this release. More users means more help in making ownCloud better! How can you help?

Social media

Re-tweeting and sharing the messages we put out on our Facebook, diaspora, Twitter and Google Plus accounts is a great help! And if you’re not yet following those pages, this is a good time to start. Join us in the discussion about ownCloud 8 with hashtag #owncloud on twitter, Google+, Diaspora and Facebook!

More importantly, we have to make sure ownCloud is visible on IT news sites. What is your favorite site? Make sure they cover ownCloud Server 8.2! You can translate and submit, for example, the following text:

ownCloud Server 8.2 is out with a refreshed user interface and better system administration. Learn more and grab your copy!

And then link to the announcement blog which comes tomorrow or to owncloud.org/eight-two with the feature overview!

Of course, in preparation of the release, you should plan on joining (or organizing) a release party to meet fellow ownClouders in real life and discuss all this awesomeness!

ownCloud promo banners

We also have ownCloud banners available for your blog or website! These are the sizes available:

Example code:

<a href="https://owncloud.org/features"><img src="https://owncloud.org/wp-content/themes/owncloudorgnew/assets/img/features/ownCloud-release-460x70.png" alt="ownCloud release" width="460" height="70" /></a>

Will look like this:

ownCloud release 460x70


Help spread the word on ownCloud Server 8.2

8 Responses to “ownCloud Server 8.2 Comes Tomorrow, Help Spread the Word!”

  1. Exrace

    Today is here! Looking forward to the release.

  2. Yaniv Setton

    What time exactly we will get the release ???

  3. Chris

    Sadly, no.

    Maybe when you guys release a Windows compatible version (or fork it for a windows only version).

    • Jos

      Well, that simply relies on people interested in working on that. Until now, nobody has stepped up with interest in maintaining a version for Windows Server. I suggest you have a look at our brand new Appliance (fourth tab) with built in updater and ownCloud Proxy app – it should give you all you need.

    • Jeff

      ownCloud has gotten really easy to install and configure, and there’s a ton of documentation on the net, both at owncloud.org as well as places like Digital Ocean. In my experience, the Windows install was just painful, primarily due to PHP not being awesome on Windows. On the other hand, my single Ubuntu 14.04 handles connections to 175 clients and counting, without even breathing heavy. It’s also a virtual machine.

      Give it a try! It runs great.

    • Jos

      We’d love to support Windows, and perhaps with PHP 7 out this is possible at some point again – if/when Microsoft supports PHP better. At the moment, we just can’t find any volunteers interested in working on it and customers are not interested either. See https://owncloud.org/blog/owncloud-server-8-1-will-not-support-windows-as-server-platform-natively/

  4. Thomas Escher

    Perfect for my birthday. Thanks for the gift

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