ownCloud Review Contest Winners

The Banana Pi board (image from wikipedia)Two weeks ago we announced a review contest for ownCloud 7 and today we present you with the winners! Volkan ‘vgezer‘ Gezer, Efstathios ‘Stathis‘ Iosifidis and Nico ‘Nighoo‘ Suhl. The Banana Pi devices are on their way!

Nico was first to share his review over twitter, writing in his review about the update process and the new features. Stathis didn’t just write one but shared no less than three posts with us, about ownCloud 7 on Firefox OS, upgrading an openshift ownCloud 6 instance to ownCloud 7 and how to install ownCloud 7 super easy with the web installer.

Last, Volkan Gezer blogged about ownCloud 7, even going into some history by sharing ownCloud 3, 4 and 6 screenshots and noting that to contribute to a project, it is best to first use it! In his extensive review he touches on all the major new features and he promised to write more about the release in the future!

Every one of the winners has been contacted and can expect the Banana Pi devices soon. Congratulations to the winners, and to those who didn’t win: better luck next time!

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