ownCloud open Engineering Week 2017 in Nuremberg


Join us from December 4th – 8th in beautiful Nuremberg.

The idea:

A week in the spirit of innovation, development, and integration with and around the ownCloud ecosystem.

The participators:

ownCloud Developers, ownCloud-partners, App-Developers and anybody who is interested in hacking and developing the ownCloud platform as well as integrating other products and services within the ownCloud ecosystem.


At the beginning of the week we pitch our ideas, concepts and maybe even prototypes, to show what we would like to work on or see in the product. Together we build Teams for the week or maybe just even for a project and start hacking then.

Social activities:

Be sure that there will be also various social activities around the hackweek, starting with table football tournaments throughout the week, a visit to the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market, and the ownCloud year end party on December the 7th.

Developers, Developers, Developers…

This is an absolute technical event, we want to come together and *code a lot!*

Please let us know if you are attending and drop us a line at:




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