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Where February topped the first month of this year with 362 pull requests merged, March broke the 400 pull request barrier, in no small part, thanks to the very active hackathon in Nuremberg. As always, the following will summarize some of the happenings in ownCloud development during March 2015 based on what went on in github, development mailing lists, blogs and so on. Tips are very much welcome! Ping Jos with your input.

The biggest items last month were the integration of ‘update streams’ in the Updater app, the merger of the first parts of ‘Encryption 2.0′ in core, improvements to the Gallery+ app, changes in the forums, ownCloud client 1.8 and the availability of enterprise support options from ownCloud, Inc. The ownCloud website also underwent an overhaul with improved front, install, and support pages and the ownCloud Contributor Conference was announced this week!

You can read a report on February here.

Note that we only cover improvements integrated through the pull request process and most non-core ownCloud apps, including the desktop client, which have small enough development teams that the overhead of that process is not worth the benefits. The result is that we only track a part of ownCloud development in these reports! If you are active in one of the ownCloud apps or just keep an eye on development there, consider sending some information about noteworthy developments our way or blogging about it occasionally yourself.


max upload size
the settings are now aware of your ability to modify the .htaccess file

Though the focus of the 400+ pull requests this month was more on stability and refinement of ownCloud, there have also been several major improvements including the ability for the Updater app to track a specific major ownCloud release, the first steps of integrating Encryption 2.0 and much more:

menu style before

Design and polish

As for the more minute details, there is now some white space to the right of the file list so you are less likely to accidentally delete a file when you just wanted to scroll through the files list. Work by rullzer has made it so that the admin panel always shows the max upload size, however it is greyed out if it can’t be changed by the user. He also further refined the share dialog. A new pop over style for apps and user drop down menus was merged and in the app store; app descriptions are now collapsed by default to shorten the list a bit.

If you want to get involved in coding on ownCloud – check out this page to get started!


menu style after

On apps.owncloud.com, 28 apps were new or updated in March. Some notable updates include:

Ongoing conversations

avatars in sharing dialog
first version of avatars in sharing dialog

The ownCloud forum team has been working on some changes to the forums by introducing new sub forums for The Project, Hosting, cleaning up old subjects, updating the forum software and more. There was also a survey about ownCloud setups. On the mailing list the following topics were most interesting:

You can join the discussions on the development lists on this page.

share dialog
share dialog after first design refinements (still not final version)

ownCloud news and blogs

On Planet ownCloud there was quite a bunch of articles in March. Among them:

On the ownCloud website we have a much improved install page, as well as a new support page and updated front page.

Please note that if you’re an ownCloud contributor, you should get your blog aggregated on owncloud.org/news! Ping Jos with your RSS feed.

Get in touch with ownClouders!

If you’re looking for ways of getting in contact with fellow ownCloud users in order to discuss ideas for improvements in ownCloud or even to learn how they use it, check out this page and you can find places to ask questions on our support page.

If you’d like to meet in person there are a number of ownCloud events taking place! You can meet fellow ownCloud users and developers at ownCloud meetups or see us at conferences. Find a calendar of ownCloud events on owncloud.org/events. ownCloud meetups are a chance to learn more about ownCloud or to get coding work done. If you know of other (regular or not) meetups or are interested in organizing one yourself, check out this page to see how to get involved.

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