ownCloud development in August Part II

Yesterday we covered what happened in core and apps in part I of our ownCloud development in August. Today, we will highlight some cool, upcoming projects and give you a taste of the activities in the ownCloud app store and on our mailing lists.

owncloud maps
owncloud maps in action

Upcoming awesome

Let’s start with sharing a few work-in-progress things which are worth looking at.

First of all, check out the great work ockham is doing on the long standing issue of unifying tag handling in ownCloud. Go review this pull request and help bring tags to all of ownCloud! And what’s next, a generic way of commenting on objects in ownCloud? If you have ideas, make it happen!

The Google Summer of Code work on the Music app, which will bring in a much improved play list, is almost done and merging will hopefully happen soon! You will barely recognize this great app after these massive improvements.

August saw a new app begin development: ownCloud maps. It is meant to become a Google or Bing Maps competitor, allowing you to find but also create and, in time, share location-based information. It is built on Leaflet, using Open Street Map data. While it only started recently, it has seen steady improvements, and you can contribute to and download the app for testing from github.

But Maps is not the only new app in github this month. At the ownCloud Contributor Conference another new ownCloud App was announced: Mail. During the last two months a massive amount of work was done on this app and you can check out the current state and the swift progress on github.com/owncloud/mail. Stay tuned for news on this app. Currently the team is working towards a 0.1 release and you’re welcome to test it and report any issues or feature requests you may have. Once 0.1 is out, we’ll cover it!

In ownCloud app news

There was again a lot of activity on apps.owncloud.com:

Other development updates

On the development mailing list there were of course discussions about the ownCloud Contributor Conference (where do I find cheap hotels? Please submit your talks! and so on); there were the usual releases and the announcement that ownCloud has a bountysource page. Other discussions include:

If you’re interested in following the discussions in real time, consider joining the devel mailing list.

Other ownCloud happenings

On Planet ownCloud we were treated with lots of activity. An overview:

With so much activity, August has been a crazy month. We didn’t cover everything – there was more going on, as always. We have IRC channels (#owncloud and #owncloud-dev on freenode), social media accounts like Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, twitter and so on, forums, other mailing lists and many, many more channels of communication and activity. Remember, it is easy to get involved yourself!

For those who like to meet in person, you can find fellow ownCloud users and developers at ownCloud meetups or see us at conferences. Find a calendar of ownCloud events on owncloud.org/events. ownCloud meetups are a chance to learn more about ownCloud or even to get coding work done. If you know of other (regular or not) meetups or are interested in organizing one yourself, check out this page on how to get an event going.

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  1. Sudhir Khanger

    I find ownCloud web interface to be a little slow for any meaningful third party app usage. I have ownCloud hosted on Digital Ocean. It takes literally 2-5 minutes to reach apps page and then app install may fail. It keeps complaining about “Failed to open archive when installing app” when I try to install news app.

    • Jos

      Hey Sudhir,

      That is not nice, but it seems a Digital Ocean issue – ownCloud is plenty fast on a Banana Pi and that is not a particularly powerful piece of hardware 😉

  2. Alessandro

    oh, man, I wish Luxembourg-Napoli were a 0 minutes trip 😛

    great post!

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