ownCloud Desktop Client 1.8 released

Client 1.8The ownCloud Desktop Client is what brings the files from your cloud seamless to your desktop. You can pick any number of local and remote folders and keep them in sync, ensuring you always have the latest version at hand. The previous desktop client release introduced the ability to except specific files or folders from syncing and to show the sync state with emblems on icons in the most popular file managers on Windows, Linux and Mac. The 1.8 release adds some significant improvements to the already impressive list of client abilities.

New features

The new ownCloud Desktop Client 1.8 introduces sharing from the desktop. A new entry in the context menu in file managers allows you to share a file directly from the desktop by public link, with password and expiry date as desired.

A second major improvement is the ability of the 1.8 client to handle file locking much faster, reducing editing conflicts with for example Microsoft Office and getting rid of many error messages due to simultaneous editing of files.

For Mac OS X users, HiDPI support will be a welcome improvement to the desktop client, improving the legibility on Apple hardware with Retina screens.

Stability and performance

As with every ownCloud Desktop Client release, there have been many smaller improvements and updates to the underlying infrastructure. Notable is support for using more parallel requests with ownCloud server 8.0.3 (to be released in a few weeks) and higher, leading to much better up- and download speeds.

Another nice addition in this are is the new crash reporter, which allows the client to easily send crash information to the developers for examination and swift fixing.

Get it and contribute

You can download the desktop client from the ownCloud installation page and grab the source code from github. That is also the place to contribute feature requests, bug reports and of course code and improvements – find the issue tracker here. Many of the improvements in this client release were only possible thanks to the help the developers received with testing, reporting issues and help with code and review.

The announcement email gives a special thanks to Alfie “Azelphur” Day and Roeland Jago Douma who contributed significant code bits to the sharing dialog on the client as well as some ownCloud server code. Dominik “Domme” Schmidt contributed to integrating the crash reporter, coming from his Tomahawk music player, in the ownCloud client. Kudos to them for their work!

20 Responses to “ownCloud Desktop Client 1.8 released”

  1. Tom

    We use OC (DEbian 8, PHP 5.6) and the OC cliebt 1.8.1. When we sync many files (> 200) the windows client does not sync and brings “sync error” or “operation abortet” or “connection closed”. We have testet without enabled firewalls / virusscanners etc. we have checked the server logs -> no erros and the option –logfile brings messages “operation failed” but no useable message. If we sycn it works fine if we sync > 1000 files (because the folder is not synced on my windows client) the OC client abort the sync and does not work. i think the OC cliebt can’t work with more than 100 – 500 files. This is a very big problem and not alternative is aviable. Thank you very much for tips.

    • Jos

      The client is not terribly fast with large numbers of files and can occasionally get errors like the ones you describe. The upcoming ownCloud 8.1 (next week!) combined with the latest client should solve these problems.

      Also, you should file a bug, as 1000 files still should not be a problem for the client – there must either be a bug (which can be found and fixed!) or a problem in your setup.

  2. luckydem

    some how all my shared folders are not shared any more. this caused over 5 gigs of synced data to be removed from users computers that the folder was shared with. sadly we have a slow internet connection so it’s going to take forever to share and resync all those folders again. have you heard of this issue before?

  3. Pascal

    OMG, i was so excited about the desktop sharing thing – but then it just didn’t worked… – then i decided to make an effort and updtate my ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 and owncloud to v8 – after i did this the last two days -_- – it still didn’t worked – then i found this post (which i already read some weeks ago) – and then i read the comments about restarting and thought might it be possible i dindnt restart for two weeks and during the whole owncloud / ubuntu updgrade process. and i thought thats possible – so i did it and now IT WOOOORKS 😀 😀 😀 (and also the files and folders layovers are here again they were disappeared after the owncloud server upgrade.
    Thank you so much for you work! it really made me blieve again more strongly 🙂 (and sorry for this rather little informative post ^^)

  4. Kiv

    Well hum… in fact it works perfectly! I just didn’t understand how it works : right click on an already synced file or folder, to share it just the same way you would do on the web interface.
    I thought it was something to add a file on the server AND share it at the same time… Anyway it’s still a very convenient service!

  5. Kiv

    No context menu on Mac OS 10.9 with ownCloud 1.8.0 (build 2139).
    I sync some specific folders, so I cancelled the global “ownCloud” folder sync, not sure if it could be an explanation…

  6. Blastter

    File Lock, it just creates a conflict version of the file, why can you just lock the file cross users computers?,
    Best regards.
    (Great Software!.)

    • Jos

      There’s an app for that, see apps.owncloud.com 😉

  7. dan

    my client (1.7.1) doesnt find any update. it reports that it is up-to-date.
    is there no autoupdate? or client-message for an update? do i have to tell my users, that they’ve to update manually?

    • Jos

      Check again, the update should be available by now.

  8. Christian

    On my Windows 7 and 10 Client not additional context menue entry appears. Do I Need to do something else?

  9. Eric

    When will the client be able to read from/write to symbolic links?
    I have a directory called “cloud” with symbolic links to all files and directories that I want to sync with the cloud.

    • Daniel Molkentin

      Symbolic links would be possible in theory, we just need efficient recursion checking.

    • Hackintosh HD

      Eric, in case you’re on OS X: Working with symbolic links the other way ’round, i.e. moving the files to your ownCloud folder and creating a symbolic link at their former original location works beautifully in most instances. I use this method to keep preference files synchronised across a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro, e.g. Cyberduck bookmarks, Firefox profiles etc. pp.

  10. Slava Knyazev

    Context menu item does not seem to be showing up. I am on Windows 10 and I set up my system in a rather strange manner so that may be the cause.

    I have not restarted yet so that may be the issue at hand as well.

  11. Krzysztof Raczkowski

    How can I use public link sharing on KDE desktop?
    I can’t see such an option in context menu of Dolphin.

    • Jos

      Unfortunately, Dolphin development is frozen for the 4.x series and 5.x is still too much in flux, so this did not make it in (same with the file icon overlays). Hopefully it will come soon, one Dolphin is fully ported to Frameworks 5.

      For now, only Nautilus, Explorer and Finder users have these features.

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