ownCloud Connects Business Users

Markus talking in front of audience
ownCloud CEO Markus talking at an earlier event

On June 1st in Frankfurt, Germany, ownCloud will be hosting an event for ownCloud Community Edition business users, Enterprise Edition customers and anyone who is interested in using ownCloud for their business. That’s right, you don’t have to be a customer in order to be more than welcome to participate and benefit in this networking event! The goal of this event is to connect businesses that have medium to large ownCloud installations (over 50 users) and present them with an opportunity to learn more about ownCloud and to share thoughts, feedback and ideas.

During the day, onsite Cloud and Compliance Expert, Arnd Böken, will provide insight into Cloud Compliance and how organizations can use cloud solutions in compliance with data protection regulations. Attendees will get an overview of ownCloud functionality and of real life ownCloud use cases (covering both enterprise and community editions). You will have the opportunity to exchange experience and best practices with other ownCloud community users and customers as well as with ownCloud employees and management team. Last, but not least, senior ownCloud management team members will be onsite to discuss upcoming functionality.

For the agenda overview and the event registration please visit this page. Note that the event will be in German.

businessy folks talking to each other
Networking and connecting with other professional ownCloud users.

If you are an ownCloud Community User and want to present your business use of ownCloud, we’d love to hear your story! Just tick the checkbox on the registration page and we’ll be in contact.

We are looking for interesting use cases so that users of ownCloud in a business will be able to share insights on use cases and how to get the most out of ownCloud. Join the event to exchange your experiences and best practices with other businesses, face to face, and meet ownCloud experts and the ownCloud management team!

If you’re up for it you can send in a talk proposal right away, see details on our call for papers page. Deadline for Call for Papers is April 15, 2016.

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