ownCloud at the Nürnberg Web Week 2017

This year Nuremberg saw the #nueww again, as we already posted here.

We kicked off this years’ Nürnberg Web-Week by sponsoring the DevOps Camp, with more than 100 Attendees, Developers Sysadmins and DevOps engineers. We are proud that we had been part of this great event, sharing knowledge around what we all love the most: code, architecture and devops in general.

@felixboehm and @tboerger at their talk about docker

A lot of us enjoyed the evening events during the week. Finally on Friday night we were  warmly welcomed at the coworking-space nürnberg to show how we deploy ownCloud with docker containers in enterprise environments. Chief Engineer Felix Böhm and Senior DevOps Engineer Thomas Boerger demonstrated docker principles and how to set them up in enterprise environments.

The venue was packed and we enjoyed a good discussion – many were surprised that you can use docker already in an enterprise context, without having to worry about your setup.

We’re looking forward to contribute to the nueww next year! Building local structures is good for the inspiration of every open source project, even if it is a global one.

If you share the idea of thinking global and acting local, feel free to join our meetup program to get deeper knowledge about ownCloud X.

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