ownCloud Android 2.5.0 release. Now with oAuth2 support.

ownCloud Android client 2.5.0 comes with a new Secure Authentication Workflow, improved stability and some enhancements.

oauth2 adds another security layer to your ownCloud.

oauth2 is a mechanism that prevents you from storing your credentials on the device itself. The device gets a token by the server which can be revoked any time. This means there is no login credentials on the device which could be read by thefts.

Trend Micro says in this study (Link to .pdf) : Hacking or malware are not the leading causes of breaches. Device loss is the main cause for Data Breaches.

For more information on oauth2 check out this article on digital ocean.


Other Improvements in this release:

  • Show file listing option (anonymous upload) when sharing a folder (OC X required)
  • Proper notifications when virus is detected during upload.
  • Some UX/UI Fixes
  • Instant uploads now more reliable
  • Bug fixes

Get the app now on the google Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owncloud.android


(The update will happen soon on fdroid aswell).



Check out the source code on github.

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