ownCloud 9.1 To Limit Free File Storage to 5GB

NOTE: This was an April 1st joke!

With the ownCloud community in the first stages of the development cycle for ownCloud 9.1, it has become apparent that there is a gap between ownCloud and competing cloud services. With other cloud providers like Microsoft (whom we now collaborate with) limiting free storage to 5GB or even a mere 2GB like Dropbox, ownCloud finally has dealt with the lack of a sensible limitation protecting users against their inner hungry caterpillar by deciding to limit free file storage to 5GB.

We asked ownCloud Founder Frank Karlitschek for more information about the reasoning behind this change.

“With everybody limiting free storage, ownCloud has to follow. You can’t just disrupt an industry and let people control their own data like it’s nothing!”

When asked how he would prevent users from removing the limitation in their own copy of the most popular open source cloud storage solution, he shooed us away:

“Why would you do THAT?”

The over 8 million users on existing ownCloud releases including the very latest ownCloud 9 are asked to limit the storage space of their users by hand. In the video below you can see how to do this.

For users who didn’t manage to make this change manually, ownCloud 9.1 will automatically discard files beyond the 5GB threshold using an intelligent algorithm to determine what the least valuable data is. Of course, more amazing changes are coming to ownCloud, stay tuned for more news.

Thank you for your cooperation!

6 Responses to “ownCloud 9.1 To Limit Free File Storage to 5GB”

  1. tallship

    Finally! Sensible defaults for a world where no one should own their own data, or have any expectation of privacy.

    Thanks ownCloud, this it’s the best thing since Microsoft decided to invest in patent trolling, earning them about 4 billion bucks a year from Android sales!

    But shouldn’t we also force all passwords typo be set to 1234? I mean, we don’t want anyone safeguarding their private data.

  2. Eric

    I will be immediately disabling encryption and HTTPS as suggested in the video, so the government can see if I do things they don’t like, AND it will help criminals more easily make a living! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Felipe

    What a great idea!

    You should offer further tiers to be able to pay for the privilege of further lowering the storage amount. The “Fit on a Floppy” old school (3.5-inch microfloppy) 1.44mB tier or the even more restrictive “How low can you go” (5 1/4-inch minifloppy) 360 kB tier might be desired.

    Have a great 4/1

  4. Gabriel

    This is outrageous! ;-D

  5. DAVE

    Glad I checked the date when reading this one 😉

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