ownCloud 9.0.1 available

ownCloud 9.0 roundLast month we released ownCloud 9.0, bringing major new features like comments, tagging and remove-server auto complete to you. As always we’ve been working hard to polish this release further, improving performance, reliability and scalability with ownCloud 9.0.1. We recommend to update your ownCloud instance as soon as you can. For those waiting for the updater app to notify them of the 9.0 availability, you can expect this before the end of the week. Enterprises waiting for the ownCloud 9.0 Enterprise Edition can expect its release next week, building on the community release with extensive file control capabilities.

Improvements and Testing

Minor ownCloud releases bring stability, security and performance improvements to the stable release series. This release introduces over 120 improvements to core ownCloud functionality including sharing, CalDAV and CardDAV, external storage, encryption and much more. A detailed list you can find in the changelog here. In the area of security, we follow our acclaimed security process and will disclose any improvements in 2 weeks time.

We’d like to thank everybody who reported issues and helped us fix them.

ownCloud tests releases both through automated means and through manual testing. Our releases come when we have fixed all problems we could find. You can help us find issues which might impact you by joining the Test Pilots and giving releases a whirl before they go out!

Note that at the time of publishing this, some of the packages and the Appliances and virtual machine images were still building, we will have them up on owncloud.org/install in a few hours.

We’d love to hear how ownCloud 9 is treating you, comment below or let us know on Google+, Facebook or Twitter. You can stay up to date with ownCloud news by subscribing to our newsletter.

Thank you for using ownCloud!

14 Responses to “ownCloud 9.0.1 available”

  1. Chris

    Still no update notification using updater app. It´s now 14 days (!) since the relase of OC v9.0.1. Is it that buggy? What are you guys waiting for? I hate waiting a lot, but also love the convenience the updater app provides for the update process. It´s just a black box-like mystery to wait for updating the feeds.

  2. Nytrm

    Hi there,

    how long is the delay between publishing a minor release and showing it in the admin section for being ready to update?
    It is not visible for me on the stable channel.

    • Chris

      Mostly “when its done” and some one thinks the release is stable for the majority. If you want to have instant updates use the repositories or the manual update way.

  3. Chris

    What a huge list of changes.
    Should I wait for the next minor release to upgrade vom 8 to 9?

    • Chris

      Just upgraded from oC 8.2.3 to 9.0.1 without any issues. 🙂

      • atx

        Did you do it via the auto updater, or manually?

        • Chris

          Always manually. Pro-Tip: Never use the updater app, especially not when trying to do major upgrades.

  4. Chris

    To avoid having posts about updating issues in here please see https://owncloud.org/support/ where to get help.

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