ownCloud 7 Released With more Sharing And Control

Dear contributors, friends and fans! The ownCloud community is proud to announce the release of ownCloud 7. Eight months of planning, coding, discussing and testing have brought massive improvements in sharing and collaboration while putting you even more firmly in control of your data. Watch this great video to get an overview of the new and improved features in ownCloud 7!

sharing overview
See what files are shared by whom

Share More Than Ever

First off – ownCloud 7 is about sharing: Server-to-server sharing makes collaboration between you and somebody on a different ownCloud installation as easy as on a public cloud, while still giving you the privacy and control of a private, hosted cloud.

Sharing is more flexible and transparent – files shared with you are no longer confined to a single “shared” folder and the Files app shows what files are shared by who. As administrator you have more control with options like disabling sharing for some user groups and ensuring shared links expire in a timely manner and are protected by passwords for others.

Faster, Easier and With More Control

ownCloud 7 also delivers an improved user interface and faster responses, while introducing mobile web browser support. The new, powerful File Activity Notifications can be finely controlled and updates can be sent to you by mail, configured easily with the new Email Configuration.

mail templates
Configure emails send to users

If you manage an ownCloud, you will see improved User Management with easier group handling, search, filtering by group and a single, scrolling list putting all users at your finger tips. You can control access to External Storage by groups and decide how it counts towards the users’ storage limits and you can modify the Email Templates to control the communication of ownCloud to your users.

A more complete overview of what is new in this release can be found on the ownCloud website.

Get it while it’s hot

The new features and refinements make ownCloud better than ever. You can download the latest release from our installation page and find documentation on installation and use on doc.owncloud.org.

get ownCloud 7

  • The ownCloud apps on apps.ownCloud.com are not yet all updated for ownCloud 7. If you are an app developer or are interested in writing an ownCloud app, see the app development manual to get started.
  • ownCloud 7 is translated at least 80% in over 30 languages. If you want to help translate ownCloud to your own language, help out here.
  • There are many other ways to join the ownCloud community and contribute to making ownCloud successful. See our contribution page to get started.

We look forward to your feedback. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, follow and share this release via #owncloud7 on twitter, Google+ and Facebook and don’t forget to tell others about this ownCloud release!

21 Responses to “ownCloud 7 Released With more Sharing And Control”

  1. mohd fakhruddeen

    i m mohd not open

  2. Amit

    Awesome upgrade.. Some of the features are really interesting like email configuration, last login, password protection enforcement, external storage support.. Really good work done by the community.

  3. chris

    had problems updating from v6, completely wiped and did a clean install. now working.

  4. Nigel

    I have got the same problem as several others running owncloud 6.04 and when I click upgrade in the upgrade center nothing happens. Previous upgrades have worked fine. Anyone from owncloud care to comment? Has anyone else been able to fix it?

  5. David

    Same problem. Can’t upgrade from 6.04 to 7 using the upgrade center (ironically)

  6. salimkia

    i’m from iran.the program can’t make persian folder.
    please help me.

  7. Lyallp

    Upgrade from 6.0.4 to 7 went flawlessly on my shared linux hosting using manual install.
    DB upgrade works well.
    Not sure I will be using all the fancy new features but I use OwnCloud every day.

  8. Ron

    Will you be providing a way to upgrade from v6.0.4 using the Update Center?
    When I click on it, there are no upgrades available?

  9. Mahya

    It would be nice to HOTLY tell us, where is the guideline to how to update from OC 6.0.4 to 7.

    • Tom Needham

      Mahya, try here: http://doc.owncloud.org/server/7.0/admin_manual/maintenance/update.html

      • Mahya

        Thanks, I know about it, but it simply doesn’t work, I mean when I press update it doesn’t do anything, before that I update from 6 to 6.04 with the same method successfully,

        • iprigger

          Be happy… just restored the VM and the DB because owncloud 7 was not working after the update…

          My DB is about 1GB in size – not a good thing to happen when an update shuts down the entire cloud. I *could* disable file_sharing – but what’s the point of having a cloud solution that isn’t working?

          • Isa

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        • Sakkie

          I experienced the same, also when migrating from version 5 to version 6 (upgrade major version).

          The trick that solved it for me:
          Delete the contents of the owncloud directory; (!)except for the config and data directories(!). (This differs from the updates procedure that take place within the same minor version.)
          Make shure your config and data are back in place and unpack the (major) upgrade archive.

          Open the URL to your owncloud and initiate the actual upgrade. Takes a while…

      • oriste

        I can confirm, the Updater app doesn’t seem to function for updating a 6.0.4 install to version 7 🙁

    • Jos

      Mahya: ownCloud can check for updates and install them. See http://doc.owncloud.org/server/6.0/admin_manual/maintenance/update.html for information!

      If you use linux, simply updating will take care of everything. I suggest to shut off apache and mysql before running the distribution update and consider making a backup of your settings and the database.

      • Mahya

        thanks, but if I want to follow this instruction and turn off my apache, how it could be work

  10. Efstathios Iosifidis

    Congrats to the community.

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