ownCloud 7.0.4 is here!

It is time to update your ownCloud server! The fourth update for ownCloud 7 Community Edition has been made available. The most important enhancements from the changelog:

  • Added XMLWriter check
  • Better deleted outdated previews
  • Store storage credential in session only if needed
  • Don’t disclose relative directory path for single shared files of user
  • Password reset fixes
  • Fix enable app only for a specific group
  • fixing port configuration in trusted domains
  • LDAP fixes
  • Make group search case sensitive
  • Allow admin to change users display name
  • ldap performance improvements
  • config.php can now be read only
  • Several smaller fixes

Get the latest packages from owncloud.org/download!

Upgrade in progress     Upgrade finished

11 Responses to “ownCloud 7.0.4 is here!”

  1. Bootingman

    thank you, I love it!

  2. sksbir

    upgraded from 7.0.2-1 to 7.0.4-3, after upgrading ubuntu from 14.04 to 14.10 : just had to redefine suze source with good version of ubuntu.
    Upgrade ran flawlessly

    Nice work

  3. Mariano

    i have e problem with owncloud 7.0.4 , show me:
    Esta instancia de ownClod está siendo actualizada, puede tardar un momento.

    Por favor, recargue esta página después de un tiempo para continuar usando ownCloud.
    Contacte su administrador de sistema si este mensaje persiste o aparece inesperadamente.
    Gracias por su paciencia.

    and do nathing,
    please help

  4. X0rg

    I think they haven’t updated the current version flag, as I’m getting the same thing on 7.0.3-4

  5. Torti

    Does this update work using the Update Center in the Admin panel? It says “up to date” there although 7.0.2 is installed.

  6. OWNCLOUD7.org

    We have upgraded our OWNCLOUD servers with 7.0.4. Really good with the new update 7.0.4. The performance of the Server is very much improved….

    Thank you to the entire OWNCLOUD development team


  7. Jordan Hudson

    Love this recent update! This has fixed so many little issues for me, and I greatly appreciate all the hard work the owncloud team puts in!

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