nueww – Nuremberg Web Week

Nuremberg, where the ownCloud headquarters are, is an upcoming city in the digital sector. The Nuremberg Web Week is a “festival for the digital society” – where the most important creators meet up and share ideas. During the week from 15th to 22th of May there are a lot of events, conferences, presentations and workshops. All the innovative people in the digital Nuremberg are showing what they created and listen to the accomplishments and talks of others.

At 19th of May we are also giving a talk, about using ownCloud Enterprise with docker:! With ownCloud X we supply docker images for the Enterprise version. We want to talk about our experiences in deployment, customer requests and our thoughts about product management. In the end we want to introduce the architecture and details of the docker images and show their use in different environments, e.g. with Docker Compose, Swarm or Kubernetes.

We are happy to contribute to this awesome event which strengthens Nuremberg as a location for digital innovation. Hopefully everyone learns a lot and enjoys a nice event atmosphere.

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