New iOS App released

Keep an eye on our newest iOS App for ownCloud, which will enter the AppStore still today

This new version includes

  • New options available for instant uploads. Select what type of media you want to upload
  • Stream Photo items from iCloud. Now you can upload your photos even if they are not downloaded to your device
  • New menu option to clean all your successful uploads
  • Updated user agent
  • Bug fixing
  • Please, notice that this will be the latest version with support for iOS 8

2 Responses to “New iOS App released”

  1. B

    Hi, the app works a real treat!

    The only thing i am missing is the ability to view a photo without it being downloaded to the device. It would be nice to browse through photos on the phone without filling up the storage. Saw this feature on synology’s diskstation ios app and it was really practical.


  2. Andy Xheli

    Hi love that there’s now an option to chose what you want to upload but there should be another option to choose where you want to upload the files to by default, they all upload to instant uploads. Please create an option to be able to chose a different destination then instant uploads.

    Thank you!

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