New in owncloud 9.1

Today is the release of the long awaited ownCloud 9.1 Community Edition. It includes significant improvements for users, administrators and developers.

  • Authentication – ownCloud is delivering innovative security features like pluggable authentication and token based authentication sessions. You can now also list all connected devices in your personal user’s page and invalidate sessions if needed. Another significant security improvement is device specific tokens. This allows you to control the access to your ownCloud on even more secure ways. Time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) enable users to automatically increase the security of their accounts by using services like Google Authenticator or the open-source implementation of the TOTP standard.
    ownCloud has partnered with PrivacyIDEA, an open source authentication server solution with a lot of experience with authentication, provided by Net Knights GmbH.
  • Collabora Online – We’ve teamed up with the developers of Collabora Online and provided a Docker Image for collaborative online document editing. We encourage our users to use the collabora vm which can be also found here. Available formats for editing are DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX + ODF.
  • Ultimate Scalability – ownCloud’s goal is to get users the files they are looking for quickly and smoothly, and as larger installations are being deployed, ownCloud has collaborated with large ownCloud users, like CERN and Sciebo, to bring the scalability of ownCloud to a new level. To be able to deliver petabytes of data to hundreds of thousands of users, key areas like the storage and sharing functionality of ownCloud have been improved. ownCloud 9.1 can now use  multi-bucket object storage as a backend.
  • Full Federation – ownCloud 9 brings federation of ownCloud servers to a new level with better performance; resharing a federated share does not create a chain of shares any more, but instead connects the share owner’s server to the reshare recipient.
  • Contacts, Calendar and ownCloud Mail – Contacts, Calendar and ownCloud Mail have all received significant updates and improvements. They can be updated conveniently in the ownCloud App Store. For example: Birthdays are now also generated based on shared address books owncloud/core#23510 in your ownCloud Calendar.

With the latest release of ownCloud Community Edition, it is only a matter of weeks before ownCloud 9.1 Enterprise Edition will also be released and available to our customers.

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  5. marxx

    Why using a heavy VM, while we had a perfectly running, native “Documents” plugin? Please bring back “Documents” for OC 9.1.

    • Chris


      the Collabora Online app has a completely different use-case then the Documents app. The first brings/needs a complete LibreOffice Online environment which is a lot to setup where the Documents App is just a single “click and use” solution but doesn’t provide all features of LibreOffice Online.

      The documents app itself can be made easily compatible with oC 9.1 until a new version of the app was released:

      • marxx

        Yep, guess who posted that workaround at github 🙂

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  7. B

    U2F would be a wonderful next step

  8. Nehat

    FTP EXTERNAL STORAGE not working

  9. Nehat

    Nice things integrated but FTP EXTERNAL STORAGE do sent work now, i upgrade it in new version and FTP MOUNT cant connect

    • A

      Please use the bug tracker to report things like this 😉

  10. EJ

    I’m a bit confused about the TOTP authentication. You have to install the additional app for it? And it seems the partnership with PrivacyIdea is not viable anymore?

    • danimo

      I have added links to clarify the 2FA architecture. the TOTP plugin is open source and available through the app store. PrivacyIDEA provides access to a variety of second factors used by enterprises. Why would it not be viable?

  11. Michael

    I’m a bit confused because there was a Collabora announcement two days ago ( which also mentions a Docker image. Is it the same image? Was it done by Collabora or by ownCloud? On Docker Hub I found collabora/code ( – is it the one you mention in the blog post?

    • A

      Indeed, the link to the Docker VM image is missing in the blog post (“[…] can be also found here” leads nowhere)

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