Major update of the News app coming!

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News app in action

Last week, the News app was updated to 3.0. This new version is a major rewrite, bringing major improvements to the user interface. In this blog we’ll highlight some of them.

User Interaction

A major theme for changes in version 3 has been a more flexible user interface. Two requests, Do not mark as read on scrolling and Sort order of items optional prompted a rewrite of the core code to allow the flexibility needed to implement them. And indeed, these two made it in as new features. If you skim headlines while scrolling down and want to explicitly mark articles as read, you can disable the automatically ‘mark as read’ action; and if you want to read your comics in the proper order, tell the News app to order the feed oldest-first! Other improvements include:

  • The ability to specify custom CSS rules so you can fix up the bad look of some feeds
  • Much better compact view with title ellipsis, keep unread button and keyboard shortcut to expand item
  • OPML import now uses the feed title if given
  • Added create folder form in addition to the subscribe form

But it hasn’t just been features: this improvement for example fixes the distracting changes in placement of the buttons overlaying the feeds. News will work a lot better on mobile devices and there’s a new feed design. Settings have been improved as well and the interface has been cleaned up with many less-used buttons moved into a sub menu. Last but not least, new keyboard shortcuts were introduced and video should now work.

News apps

There is a large number of third party apps which sync with the ownCloud News app. You can find them on our third party apps wiki.

If you found another app that works with ownCloud News (or any other ownCloud app!) feel free to add them to the wiki!

Get it and contribute

You can get the News app from the app store. You’ll have to download it and install by hand for now, a future version should be installable automatically from the Apps overview in your ownCloud. If you still have installed the Turn Off Code Checker App from a previous version, it is recommended to disable that – a race condition has the potential to delete your config.php file.

To make it easier for developers to contribute to the News app, it now is build with pure JavaScript rather than CoffeeScript. If you want to help test the current branch, you can get it as a zip file or check it out from git:

git clone

Of course, pull requests with fixes and features are very much welcome as well!

15 Responses to “Major update of the News app coming!”

  1. Christian

    Since some versions news require libxml version higher than 2.7.8
    So I recieve this message
    Library libxml with a version higher than 2.7.8 is required – available version
    Is there any workaround, cause i can’t just tell my hoster to update that libary

    • Jos

      you’ll have to ask the news developer – I can’t promise he can make adjustments for this, though.

  2. Patrick

    In some news feed I have embedded video but I can’t play them. It is a bug or it require anything special for working?

  3. raydiation

    Please, before you do anything, read the section in the README or apps page where the requirements are listed: . In your case it fails because ownCloud 7.0.3 is required. In case of “derp why dont you check this by yourself in the app”: it is currently not possible to do that, there is no install hook that allows app devs to throw errors, see

    I cant help you if you dont try to read

  4. Michael

    I just tried it: disabled codechecker, uploaded news and decompressed it to app folder and enabled it in the apps section:

    Error when accessing admin settings: Fatal error: Call to undefined function script() in /www/htdocs//owncloud/apps/news/templates/admin.php on line 2
    Error when accessing news app: Fatal error: Call to undefined function style() in /www/htdocs//owncloud/apps/news/templates/index.php on line 4

  5. Michael

    It broke my cloud as well – although I managed to install it, I got a lot of errors (originating from news app dir) – even worse, admin access was not working either (again errors orginate from news app dir).

    For the moment I can live without the news app.

    I might try it again in the next weeks…

  6. raydiation

    PS: all infos and possible issues +solutions are usually described in the readme which is linked in the store and mentioned in the all
    App description

  7. raydiation

    The app is safe to install, the linked issue does not break your install and is solely required for extracting the archive. That can be fixed by simply extracting the archive into the apps folder.

    All this misinformation and FUD :/

  8. Menelic

    This is great news – but it would be great if whoever wrote this could react to the reports of the update borking ownCloud installs! I was about to update and decided against it after reading the comments. To me, it’s fine to wait for oC 7.0.3 but I d like to know when 7.0.3 might be out, if there is a chance that the fix is backported etc. Instead of just advertising the new News App, this oC newsfeed should take the responsibility of being transparent about such issues and provide workable advice. Installing this now seems to lead to a bad user experience – thats surely not what should be promoted here? Again: I have no problem waiting for 7.0.3., I appreciate the work that went into the news App (it is one major reason I use ownCloud) – but it would be great if there could be responsible, n00b friendly advice here about pros and cons of installing it now and an informed estimate about when it might be save to install.

  9. Rachel Greenham Looks like we have to wait for OwnCloud 7.0.3 for an update that *might* fix this.

  10. Rachel Greenham

    ok, force uninstalled news and set maintenance to false to get the rest of my owncloud back.

  11. Daniel Stein

    Same here, this upgrade crashed our complete clouds, not recommendet to use at all.!!

  12. Rachel Greenham

    Yeah, that update just broke my whole owncloud. Nice.

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