Join us for a bug hunt and cleanup!

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Nasty bug work!

As our bitergia statistics show, testing before and after the ownCloud 7 release resulted in a lot of reported issues in github. We have fixed many but it isn’t easy for the core contributors to handle this big flood of incoming reports! We’re asking for your help to clean things up a little. If you’ve wanted to help move ownCloud development forward but didn’t have the time or knowledge to code, this is your opportunity to make a difference!

Bug hunting day

Next Friday, December the 5th, we organize a bug hunting day. We get together to sift through the bug reports, check if they are still valid and can be reproduced, closing the duplications and even fixing the smaller issues on the spot where possible. We will gather in the owncloud-testing IRC channel on (webchat here). There you can discuss the issues you look at and ask for help in case you get stuck.

Check these issues in core which haven’t seen activity for a long time and get going! Of course, you’re not limited to Friday the 5th, nor to the core repository. If you’ve got time and interest, you can help out ownCloud any time by triaging some issues in any app you’re interested in!

Why should I help?

The process of checking, reproducing and closing invalid issues is called ‘bug triaging‘. Triaging lets developers focus on fixing issues, rather than clean them up and helps keep the number of bugs less daunting and more manageable. Triaging a bug doesn’t take long so the work comes in small chunks and you don’t need many skills, just some patience and sometimes perseverance.

What needs to be done?

Issues can be divided in one of three kinds:

      1. Bugs or feature requests which come with all needed information to allow a developer to fix or work on them
      2. Incomplete or duplicate bug reports or feature requests
      3. Irrelevant or wrong bug reports or feature requests
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Remember, Remember,
The fifth of December…

The job of a bug triager is to identify the One’s for developers to look at, help remove, merge or improve any Two to a One and dismiss Three’s in a friendly and emphatic way. We are working on creating a little bug triaging guide in our documentation, to be found at this page once completed.

Keep an eye out for more information on our testing mailing list and the ownCloud blog!

Put Friday, December 5 in your calendar and help make a difference!

With your help, we can get this outgrowth under control!

2 Responses to “Join us for a bug hunt and cleanup!”

  1. Bryan

    What time zone does this mostly relate to, in terms of folks showing up in IRC? I’m interested in helping, for sure – I use the basic functions of OwnCloud on a constant basis.

    • Lukas Reschke

      > What time zone does this mostly relate to, in terms of folks showing up in IRC?

      Thanks to our world-wide community there are nearly all the time people available. Most of the core developers live in Central Europe though which means you’re likely to get responses from them at Central European working hours. (and also the evening)

      As bug triaging is something that can also be alone I’d just start with it at some point and ask at any time on the mentioned IRC channel. – I’m sure there will be some helpful folks ready to answer your questions šŸ™‚

      > Iā€™m interested in helping, for sure ā€“ I use the basic functions of OwnCloud on a constant basis.

      Cool that you want to help!!! šŸ™‚

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